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Need some help with a "Calculating program"

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Posted 18 October 2009 - 12:04 AM

Hello everyone!
First of all im pretty new at the forum, ive been using the site for a while for the tutorials
but now i decided to sign up here because i wanted to make a small application but i dont really know with what to start
ill describe what im trying to achieve:
Ok, the main idea is that
1. There should be 2 columns, in the first column the user will have to write down the numbers he wants
Please note that everything is supposed to be written like this: '12:45:59'
2. Then there should be one single box where would stand for example: 10:00:00
3. Now the second column should be showing the result of Point 2 minus Point 1 (a pretty simple math)

the more tricky things i hope (dont know if its possible) to get in the program are the following:
1. u can have as many rows as u like (if not possible it may be done with tabs? or any other ways?)
2. If the result of point 2 minus point 1 is a negative number, it should give an error.
3. The results should be sorted ascending if possible...
4. After u filled column 1 and the box u would need to press a button 'calculate' so the results will show up in column 2 :)
5. I would like a reset all button in it aswell.
6. this isnt so important but it would be very cool if someone knew how to export the results into a noteblock, wordfile or whatever could be possible.

thats about it, i really hope u guys can help me out here, im killing my brains :)


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