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Improvements in the Forums


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Posted 13 December 2011 - 03:14 PM

Hello everybody!
We made some changes in the forum and we're excited to share the news!

Here is the list and we'll look forward to receive your feedback on things you would like to have available in Pixel2Life tutorials and forum pages.

Sign in with email account
Now you can use your email or forum user name to login.

Facebook Connect, twitter and OpenID
Be always logged in! You can now associate your forum account with your facebook account, twitter, Google or another OpenID provider to sign in with a single click.
Do it by clicking here or just sign in to the forum, enter in "My Settings", go to Manage Facebook tab on the left and enter your information.
This is done with Facebook connect, Twitter or OpenID so it's very secure.
Attached File  image001.png   28.82KB   1 downloads

And next time, you can login with just one click in the icons on the upper right corner
Attached File  image002.png   51.21KB   0 downloads

As you probably already have a forum account, remember to follow the steps presented here, because if you first log with facebook without first associating your account, you will end up with a new different forum account! But don't worry, you can always disassociate them by clicking
Attached File  image004.png   2.9KB   0 downloads

We highly recommend that you associate your account to simplify your sign in process.

Photo Editor
In Pixel2Life Forum → Your control panel → Settings → Profile Settings
You have new options to use your facebook or twitter photo, upload one, and crop the image to generate the perfect thumbnail.

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Changes in "Display Name"
We made some changes to allow more frequent changes of display names.

Attached File  image006.png   48.77KB   0 downloads

Improved Topic Marking
A topic with many pages isn't marked as read until the last page has been loaded. This means you can partially read a topic and come back to it later. We've made it even easier to locate your last read position with a handy link on the topic page.

Search In Titles

The scope for search was relocated, allowing you to specify "Search title and content", "Only search in titles", and "Only search in content".

Attached File  image007.png   12.66KB   0 downloads

This level of customization for searches in any application should help you better find content when you know where the search terms may be contained.

This screen shot shows how you add tags when creating a new topic. This is in 'open' mode with prefixes enabled.
Attached File  image008.jpg   26.16KB   0 downloads

This shows a topic that has been tagged and a prefix added.
Attached File  image009.jpg   16.21KB   0 downloads

This shows the search page which is shown when you click a prefix or tag.
Attached File  image010.jpg   29.79KB   0 downloads

In the advance search, you can search for specific tags.

This tag mechanism is experimental and we are going to evaluate their utility.

Improved View New Content Overview
The view new content page remembers your last selection preferences and stores them in the database so next time you load the view new content page, it'll automatically use those preferences. There's no need to go into your User CP to set them anymore!

Attached File  image011.png   87.96KB   1 downloads

Filter by "Followed" items only
You can now elect to filter the view new content result set by items you follow. This will search forums and topics you are following (in other words, 'watching') and present topics inside forums that are new or topics that you're following that have new posts. This makes the view new content area much more useful as it is delivering just the content that you want to read.

Screenshots are taken from IP.Board help.

Attached File  image012.jpg   125.65KB   2 downloads
This shows the view new content page showing all unread content from items that I follow. I am following the forum "A Test Forum 2" and the topic "Test counters" but I am not following the forum "Sub Forum".

Attached File  image013.jpg   157.82KB   1 downloads
This shows the 'view first unread post' link available on partially read topics. Clicking it takes you to the first post that you haven't read based on marking data stored in the database.

Auto Saving Text
A new and really handy feature we've added is auto save. As you type, the editor checks to see if there's any new content and if there is, it'll ping off via Ajax to save what you've written. If anything happens to your page, upon reloading you'll see it's stored your content and you can quickly restore it. You won't lose another post to a browser crash or server time out.

Attached File  image014.jpg   40.23KB   0 downloads
IP.Board saves as you go.

Attached File  image015.jpg   57.34KB   1 downloads
A refresh without posting allows you to view and optionally restore any content that has been auto saved.

Sharing Media

You can access your previously submitted content.

Attached File  image016.png   19.21KB   2 downloads

When you click on this button, your shared media popup will open allowing you to browse, search and include media you wish to include in your post.
Attached File  image017.png   91.15KB   1 downloads

The actual "PM count" and "Notification" boxes have been removed from the drop down icons and placed with a high visibility count.

Here's what you'll see with some new personal messages and new notifications:
Attached File  image018.png   11.93KB   0 downloads

And here's what you'll see without any notifications:
Attached File  image019.png   11.49KB   0 downloads

Regardless of if you have any new messages or not, clicking the inbox link will bring up a list of recent personal messages:
Attached File  image020.png   87.82KB   5 downloads

The new functionality in this area is:
- Redesigned inline pop-up window
- Inbox link available at the top of the page at all times
- Notification link available at the top of the page at all times
- 'Alert count' for each only shows content you've not acknowledged.
- Once you've viewed the drop down list the alert count is removed until fresh content arrives.
- Reading a personal message will mark any associated notification as read.

Check the new notification management by clicking here. You can also enter to the forum, then click in "My Settings" and choose the notifications tab.
Attached File  image021.png   149.7KB   10 downloads
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#2 injelpilt


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Posted 03 April 2013 - 10:34 PM

I thought I'd swing by your community, and whoa it's really expanded so quickly. So this is where all the good content is heading!

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Posted 24 July 2014 - 05:56 AM

What is really important is the way people see its importance. - James Cullem

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Posted 21 December 2014 - 01:22 PM

www.pixel2life.com, of course, the obligatory visit to the forum!

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