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Posted on October 6th, 2009
General Website Development


The P2L Credit System is a dedicated site-wide currency system to reward our members for performing various functions throughout our community. Members can use their earned credits to promote their websites, blogs or other services via the P2L Ad System for free or cash them in for prizes, swag or other P2L related services. Credits can also be exchanged, allowing members to reward each other for performing helpful actions within the community, such as responding to a problem on the forums or for publishing a well written tutorial. P2L staff may also award credits to helpful members of the community for contributing to the site or for offering site related suggestions that our development team end up implementing live.

Your available account credits can be found at the top of the page in the memberbar and the credit area can be accessed by clicking on "P2L Credits":


The main P2L Credit Overview area located at is the primary landing page for the credit system and displays a short list of recent transactions, new items added to the merchandise prize area, quick tips on using the credits system and the main credit function menu. The menu allows you to view a complete transaction list, view offers you can complete to earn additional credits, learn about how you can earn credits on the site, redeem credits for advertising or merchandise, and transfer credits to other members.

The overview page also allows you to view the current credit lottery status. Credit lotteries give members a chance to bid any amount of credits they wish (as long as they are available in their account) in to a large credit pool and the randomly selected winner is awarded all the credits added to the pool. The more members participate, the larger the pool gets and the more credits you bid, the better your chances of winning! Lotteries are held weekly.


View Transactions

The View Transactions page allows members to quickly see all credit related transactions that have been performed to and from their account. All transactions will normally be displayed in the transaction list immediately with one small exception. Single credit earnings for functions such as commenting and voting on tutorials will be displayed as monthly totals posted at the end of each month.

To view the details of an individual transaction, click on the detail icon located next to the transaction''s credit amount.


Complete Offers for Credits

Members are able to complete offers and transactions to earn extra credits. The offers section does not have any available offers at this time but will be functional by winter 2009/2010.

Redeem Credits for Advertising

Clicking this option will automatically transfer the user to the Advertising System area''s ad creation page. Member''s can create their ads right on the spot using their available credits directly. Each credit used is the equivalent of 1 unique click on their ad. (Example: 100 credits used on a campaign will yield 100 unique clicks on that ad) For more help on using the P2L Advertising System, please go to the Ad System Help chapter.

Redeem Credits for Prizes

If a member has collected enough credits for merchandise currently listed in the merchandise prize area, they may cash in their credits for any of those listed items and P2L Staff will ship out that prize free of charge to the winner. (Please note that P2L will cover shipping charges, however all applicable duty, taxes and brokerage fees that may be charged by the winner''s country of origin are the sole responsibility of the winner).

The process is very simple... simply click the "Redeem" button on the item you wish to redeem for your credits and you will be forwarded to a shipping page requesting your real name and address. Fill out the form with the appropriate information (all personal information is 100% confidential and applies to out privacy statement) and press the "continue" button to process your order. Your prize will be mailed to you within 1 to 2 weeks and tracking information will be sent to you. Please note that all prizes originate from North America, so please take this in to consideration when redeeming your credits for electronic merchandise that may require power adapters to use in countries that do not use the standard North American 120v power outlet format. Please contact us if you''re not sure of have any questions about available merchandise.


Send Credits to Another User

The P2L community is all about sharing, having fun and helping other members build their artistic and/or programming skills and knowledge. Often, members are on the forums looking for help on a current project they are stumped on, or they are in the help areas looking to help out other members that are having problems. Whatever the reason, members can easily send and receive P2L credits through the send credit page, which is a great way to thank fellow members for helping out. Even staff will be actively dishing out extra credits to good contributors and valued members!

The send page also includes a simple member search just in case you''re not sure on the exact spelling of the member you want to send to. You can either enter their full name in the Recipient field or type a partial name and click the search icon and a list of matches will display under the form. Click add icon next to the correct username and their name will be added to the Recipient field.


How to Earn Credits

This page offers a complete list of functions members can perform to earn P2L credits as well as the amount earned for that action. Please view "How to Earn Credits" page for the most up-to-date information on credit amounts awarded and any other information pertaining to earning P2L Credits. Here is a general overview of how to earn credits:

Submit a tutorial
Submit a tutorial from your website and you will earn credits when your tutorial is approved.

Publish a tutorial
Use our Pixel2life Publishing System to publish a tutorial that is completely hosted on our server. Our amazing system allows you to upload images, movies, have other members as contributors and so much more! You will earn credits for every approved published tutorial and Premium Publishers receive DOUBLE!

Generate traffic to your published tutorials
Already have published tutorials hosted with Pixel2life? Earn an additional credits for every 1000 visitors you send to your tutorial!

Published Tutorial "Thank You" Donation
Each approved published tutorial will have a "Thank You" button that members can click to donate credits to your account as a way of showing their appreciation for your helpful tutorial.

Link to
Sign up for our topsites system and generate a custom code you place on your website to link to us. For every 1000 visitors you send to our site, you earn more credits.

Comment and Rate tutorials
Each time you comment and rate a tutorial, you earn 1 credit.

Complete Offers
Pixel2life relies on minimal advertising and completed offers to pay the bills. Unlike popular belief, this site barely breaks even let alone turns a profit and we want to continue to offer cool prizes on the site, which we have to buy. So if you''re looking for hosting, graphic packs, stock photos or a ton of other goodies, check out our offers area for deals. Not only will you find awesome goodies, but you will earn credits for anything you buy. Credits earned vary by offer, so please check out the Offers Area for more details.

Credit Lottery
Every week members can bet credits on our weekly credit lottery, where one name will be randomly drawn each week to win the entire pot. Members can bet as little or as many credits as they wish, and each credit is considered a separate entry, so the more you bet, the better your chances of winning.

Should you have any additional questions or problems using the P2L Credit System, please don''t hesitate to contact us!


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