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How make realistic photo "Misty Morning"
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Posted on April 27th, 2011
Adobe Photoshop
With the help of photoshop, you can not only edit photos and images, but also to create a very realistic picture.

Step 1

Create a new image from the menu File > New... (Ctrl + N)
Width: 1920px Height: 1200px, 72 pixels per inch.

Step 2

2. Fill the image gradient background.
Choose Gradient tool (Press G)
In the upper panel settings click on the imgnail of the gradient.


Step 3

For our image fits the pattern "Chrome"


Step 4

We arrange the colors by double clicking the left mouse button on the color slider in the following order (from left to right)
#a1b1ca (Sky)
#d38844 (Reed)
#c48446 (River)

The color code is entered here


Step 5

Pressand hold the left mouse button at the top of the workspace, and then wepress the "Shift" key and hold the mouse down the line, after therelease the left mouse button to fill.


Step 6

Create a new layer on which we will settle the "Sun"


Step 7

Will create a circle of white color, add effects to it. Right click the layer imgnail and select Blending Options...


Step 8

Settings are as follows:

Outer Glow
Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100%
Noise: 0%
color: #feffac
Technique: Softer
Spread: 0%
Size: 155px
Contour: Default
Range: 40%
Jitter: 0%


Step 9

Inner Glow
All settings by defaults, only change
Blending mode: Normal
Color: #fff7c4
Elements Size: 43px


Step 10

We get here is the sun


Step 11

Let's create a layer of reeds.


Step 12

Choosing a set of brushes


Step 13

Select brush "close cross hatch"


Step 14

In setting the brush mode Dual Brush
Spacing: 25%
Scatter: 0%
Count: 1


Step 15

Color for the brush, I took #5e3e1c


Step 16

Now changing the size of the brush draw a line rushes, by pressing "[" and "]"


Step 17

Apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur...


Step 18

Take the Brush tool (press B), and set in the settings

Brush Tip Shape
Size: 3px
Spacing: 60%

Dual Brush
Spacing: 80%
Scatter: 0%
Count: 1


Step 19

Draw the coastline, with the Pen tool (press P).
Brush color #f8c27a


Step 20

Right-click on the workspace.
Select Stroke Path...


Step 21

Select Brush and activate checkbox Simulate Pressure


Step 22

Obtain the shoreline


Step 23

With the tools "Dodge Tool" and "Burn Tool" are doing uneven illumination of reeds. I used the settings "Midtones" in the top toolbar.

Step 24

Let's create a reflection of the sun in the water. Duplicate the existing layer "Sun"
Right click on the layer name and select Duplicate Layer...


Step 25

Name the layer "Sun copy"
Transform the new layer to a smart object.
Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object


Step 26

Select Layer > Layer style > Blending Options...

Outer Glow
Color: #ffff3e
Size: 250px


Step 27

Reducethe size of the sun, about one-third, you can even double. And a littlesquashed vertically. Actions are performed in the "Free Transform" (shortcut Ctrl + T)


Step 28

5. Create a layer "Fog".


Step 29

In the color palette set the foreground color of light gray background - white.


Step 30

Use Filter > Render > Clouds
Peel using the "Eraser" tool upper and lower part.

Brush Properties
Size: 1000px
Hardness: 0%

Leaving only the central strip of fog.
Set the type of blending: Divide


Step 31

Apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur... this time on the horizontal


Step 32

Duplicate the layer with the fog.
Set the type of blending: Pin Light, Transparency - 60%


Step 33

Create a new layer called "Forest".
Set the type of blending: Brightness.


Step 34

(Press B) select brush "Rough Wash" set "М Brushes"
Color: #4a2b09


Step 35

Change settings brush


Step 36

And change settings


Step 37

The lower part of trees, obliterated the Eraser tool, to give the appearance of fog
Size is arbitrary. Hardness: 0%


Step 38

Add a layer call it "Village" Opacity: 50%


Step 39

You can paint them with the figures (Press U) followed by transformation (Ctrl+T) or Pen Tool (Press P). Then all the layers, with the figures for houses merged into one and treated the "Eraser" tool. Remove the lower parts of houses (as well as removed on the "Forest") this gives the effect of enveloping mist.
Brush Color: #bf906c


Step 40

Distant horizont. Add a new layer. Paint brush on it "sumi2"


Step 41

Color: #cb9c6c


Step 42

Final stage. Strengthening sunlight. Duplicate the layer with the reflection of the sun in the water "Sun Copy".
And again, we use the well-known to us Filter > Blur > Motion Blur...


Step 43

Layers have to be in the following order


Step 44

Lapping the shoreline. is produced using tool "Smudge"

Make a blur on the layer "Reed" gently wiping the border, taking away too much sharpness, a previously created line.


Step 45

Final result


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