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How To Make a Basic Yet Professional Logo in Photoshop
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Posted on July 7th, 2011
Adobe Photoshop

Hey everyone, today, im going to teach you how to make a cripslooking, modern web 2.0 button. This is what the final product will looklike:



So, to make it, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a new document, about 300 x 300, and make sure that it is filled with transparency.

Step 2: Grab the rounded rectangle tool, and set theradius to 5px. Along the top, make sure you have it set to ‘paths’. Youthen want to draw in your rectangle:


Step 3: Now with the tool still selected, rightclick the inside the path you just made, and click make selection, thenclick ok on the popup window. Fill it with #006cba. Then deselect it byhitting CTRL+D


Step 4: Now, you need to double click the layer andselect gradient overlay. Leave everything as it is, but change theopacity to 20%, then add a 1px stroke, and set the colour to #005795:


Step 5: Now we are going to add a drop shadow to it,so open the effects box again, and select shadow. Again, leave all asit is, apart from the distance, set that to 0px:

There is no major difference yet, but you will see the shadow when its on a single colour background.


Step 6: The one last thing we have to do with effects, is add an inner shadow, with the settings as follows:

Now, your button should look something like this:


Step 7: Now all we need to do is add our text. I used the font Good Times, the color #35aaff, and the following layer styles:


To give me this end result:


Hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial, hopefully it tought you athing or two. If you want to see a tutorial on here, feel free tocontact EvoTuts using the contact us page.

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