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Tyler the Creator Black-Out Eyes
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Posted on June 28th, 2011
Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial will help you get the same effect as the "Black-Out Eyes" on Tyler the Creator's music video "Yonkers"

Example :

Tyler the Creator


Step 1:

Open any image of your choosing. I will be using this.



Select Image - Adjustments - Black & White - and in "Presets" scroll down and select "Red Filter"

It should look like this.



Step 2:

Select the "Pen Tool"

Zoom in on the left eye and mark your pen tool around the whole eye!

Then "Right Click" on the eye and select "Make Selection" and press "OK"

Select the "Paint Bucket Tool" and fill the whole eye with the color "Black"

It should look like this:



Step 3:

Save this image:

Tyler the Creator


Open this image up in photoshop and select the "Pen Tool"

Create a selection around the "Shiny White Dots" located in the middle of the eye.

Copy & Paste this to "Your Image."

Place this selection in the middle of your "Blacked Out Eye" and resize it to make it look as if your eye is reflecting!

It should look like this:



Step 4:

Do the exact same thing to the "Right Eye."

It should look like this:



Step 5:

First off! Right click on your top layer and select "Flatten Image"

After all this is done select "Rectangular Marquee Tool" and select from top to bottom the "WHOLE" right half of your image!

Then select Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur

Set the radius to whatever fits you. For this image i chose 2.9


Thats it. Tell me what you think!



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