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Making A Simple Flash Banner For Christmas
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Posted on March 16th, 2012
Adobe Flash

Christmas is almost coming. Everyone prepare theirshelves to welcome the session. Putting in a special banner on thewebsite has become ubiquitous thing. In this lesson I'd like to introduce a simple way to create banner forChristmas.


Step 1

Install and Run IncrediFlash XTreme from here

Step 2

From startup menu, choose "Blank Project" & set the dimension of the project file to 600 x 320.



Step 3

Under Background property menu, set the background to "image(fit)" and choosebackground.jpg as the background of the project file.

Step 4

Insert the following cliparts into the scene:
Tree_2.swf,Snowman_3.swf,Tree_3.swf,Deer.swf,Polar_Bear.swf,Deer_2.swf,Frog.swf,Frog_2.swf,Elf_2.swf,Angel.swf,Star_1.swf.Arrange them as shown below:


For duplicated cliparts in the scene you can import the clipart several times as needed.

Step 5

Apply Fade effect to all cliparts above with duration 1 second as shown below:


Step 6

Insert text object twice into the scene sounding "Merry" and "Christmas" respectively. Arrange their appearingby setting the effect property to "Fade" with duration 1 second as shown below:


Step 7

Lastly, insert layer effect object into the scene. Choose the layer type as shown below, that's the one withred corners.


Step 8

Congratulation! You have just made a simple flash banner for Chritsmas.

Here is the result:



Click here to play the flash file

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