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How to Recover Photos for BlackBerry
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Posted on June 20th, 2012
Mac OS X

A question goes:

I was using BlackBerry smartphone to take photos for my kidwhen he was at one year old birthday party. Before I was going to loadthese cherished pictures to my Macbook, I figured out that picturefolder was disappeared, I can not find out my photos everywhere! When Iunplug USB of BlackBerry from computer, there were not pictures on mysmartphone either.

I have never met this kind of trouble. I would like to knowif there is some software or services that can help me recover imagesfrom BlackBerry, as these photos are so important for me, they arememories of my kid growing up. I have the BlackBerry Torch 9860.

Tutorial to Recover Photos for BlackBerry

To fix the problem mentioned above, we should know that thedisappeared pictures were not gone away actually, so that we have achance to undelete pictures from BlackBerry. However, the first thingyou should notice that, if you find out the pictures are lost from themobile phone, you'd better not do any operations on this phone toprotect data from overwriting by new files, if in that case, we probablynot restore data for BlackBerry any more.

Next step, we should take the 3rd party application torecover data for BlackBerry successfully. After testing several datarecovery program for smartphone, I take uMacsoft Data Recovery programas my recovery tool, the reason is simple enough, their two useful andeffective buttons allow me to complete retrieve task. One is "Preview" button, who is for preview the scanned photos that deleted on the mobile phone or even on the computer; another button is "Recovery", which enable to retrieve data at once with ease. Below is step-by-step to recover deleted photos for BlackBerry Torch.

1. Download and launch uMacsoft Data Recovery on Macintosh. 

2. Plug-in BlackBerry Torch to Mac, and then choose the correct partition to scan lost data.

3. After several minutes, you will see a list of scanned data displayed on the interface, then hit "Preview" button to see what they are, and if your photos are scanned successfully by program.

4. Select one or multiple photos that you want to restore, then click "Recovery" button to get them back.


Data Recovery Key Features

uMacsoft Data Recovery is easy-to-use data recovery programfor Mac users. Smart engine lets program restore almost all the lost ordeleted data with only a few clicks. A simple operation: scan data -> preview data -> restore data, you are able to undelete datasuccessfully. uMacsoft program is so easy to use and does so much,you'll keep finding more and more benefits from this professional data recovery software for Mac at



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