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Create Flash Logo Intro With Color Tinting Animation
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Posted on July 19th, 2012
Adobe Flash

In this lesson we introduce you a simple way how to use color tinting animation. It lets you change the colorof the object based on 3 phases, the At Start, the Idle and the At Stop.


Step 1

Download and Run IncrediFlash Xtreme 4.0 from here

Step 2

Under Startup window choose Blank project and set the dimension to 640 x 480 pixels.



Step 3

Set the Backgound to Stylish tile with Circle Block type as shown below

background.jpg backgroundset.jpg

Step 4

Insertpart01.png,part02.png,part03.png,part04.png,part05.png into the scene as shown below


Step 5

Apply Wheel-4 Spokes effect to all objects above as shown below.



Step 6

Let's apply color tinting animation for each obejct above.
Select part01 object and click on the Appearances property window. Check on "Enable Filter Animation"and "Enable Tinting" checkboxes. By default when "Enable Filter Animation" is selected, the Idle state willautomatically be selected.
Click the color swatch and set the slpha slide bar to zero.




Apply the same tint color for "At end" state

Step 7

Repeat step 6 for the rest of the objects with the following tint color for object 2, 3 and 4respectively

tinting4atstart_obj2.jpg tinting4atstart_b_obj2.jpg

tinting4atstart_obj3.jpg tinting4atstart_b_obj3.jpg

tinting4atstart_obj4.jpg tinting4atstart_b_obj4.jpg

Step 8

Insert text object into Preview window and type "Pacific Globe". Apply Text Flip effect for both statesof the object as shown below


Step 9

Congratulation! You have just created a flash logo intro with color tinting

Here is the result:




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