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How to Fix Data Lost Due to Memory Card Error
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Posted on August 3rd, 2012
Mac OS X

Common Cases of Memory Card Error

"Memory Card Error - Memory Card Locked - this error cameup on our camera whilst holidaying throughout Europe. We since are notable to use the SDHC memory and our computer doesn't even recognise thestorage device.

There are fourteen days of travel photos form Europe onthat memory and basically we want to know whether it be possible toextract these photos? I would be totally devastated and cannot bare toget rid of all those photos!! All i have been previously told is that itmay be an input/output error"

If this bad experience happened, I suppose you must be panicand not sure what to do next and how to repair memory card in order torecover data from memory card.

A Memory Card is used by digicam to store the photos ittakes. Popular memory cards are the SD card, CF card, xD-Picture cardand Memory Stick. For some reason, memory cards may get damaged during apower shortage, or eliminating the storage device on picture shootingor viewing, or other various and unknown reasons. Usually, you will seeerror messages like "memory card error","card locked", "card error", or an error code on your camera screenalong with the valuable pictures on the storage device could disappearand stay lost. In some cases, you guessed it-your camera or computersmight prompt that you re-format the memory card and won't take newpictures or view old pictures.

How to fix memory card error

Once you have damaged your memory, it is strongly suggestedto stop further operations on the memory card (such as taking newpictures, or deleting or formatting the memory card). Well how to fixmemory card error and recover photos or images or any other data fileson it with ease is the first and necessary thing we need to fix.Professional Data Recovery Software on Mac is one of the best choices for you to choose. You can find this programon by typing keywords "mac data recovery uMacsoft", thenthere will be thousands of results for you to select. Just click any oneof them to access uMacsoft’s official website. Below is the user manualand video tutorial for you to refer to.

Step one. Download and install data recovery software on Mac.

Step two. Connect the damaged memory card into Mac, then there willbe a new partition displayed on the program interface, you need toclick it to let this software scan the error message completely.

Step three. After a few minutes, you will see a list of filesscanned shown on the leftside of interface. They are what you arelooking for on this memory card. Check any of them or all of them topreview on the interface by clicking "Preview" button; and if you wantto get them back, "Recovery" button can help you out.

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