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What is The Best Mac Data Recovery Software
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Posted on August 17th, 2012
Mac OS X

Anyone know a good data recovery tool?

"Hi, I have a user whose laptop experienced somedifficulties after wanting to merge 2 partitions (large C:, small E:) -the merge process failed halfway through, and today the partition withall the good data (small E:) is in a dirty state and cannot be read.I've tried booting the computer with professional software, but none ofthese can get with the data for the phantom partition.

In looking through data recovery tools online thisindicates there are many options. Does anyone have any recommendationsfor a thing that can be used to get at this date? Ideally I would needsomething that can transfer files over USB or an FTP connection orsomething as I should get them off of the drive to format it andreinstall computer."

Data Recovery Software on Mac - Your Smart Choice

To fix this problem mentioned above, I suppose you would like to go to access to search some keywords such as "best data recovery mac"or something like that to look for a suitable recovery software for youto solve this problem. There are tons of recover related programs whoclaim to restore data from either computer including Windows and Mac OSsystem or devices like iPhone, iPod, digital camera, camcorder or so.Though, which one is the “BEST” for you? I think there is no definitionon this filed. The only thing we can see is if this software can fix theproblem well for you, then this is the "best data recovery software on Mac" for you though.

The best way to recover from unexpected data loss will beproperly prepared. With one of the next tools available, you'll alwaysbe ready to save your data through uMacsoft Data Recovery.

While the best protection against data loss is redundant andreal-time backup, we know that sometimes data loss sneaks right throughto you. Whether your getaway pictures didn't make it safely from thecamera for your computer or a bumbling roommate deleted the paper youhave been working all week on, having emergency file recovery toolshandy is crucial to getting your data back before it's gone forever. Inthis article, we will walk through the most efficient way to recoverdata for you with good data recovery tool.

Only 3 Step following, you will complete the recovery task byyourself without reading user manual first. It’s simple enough for you.

Step one. Install and launch uMacsoft Data Recovery on Mac.

Step two. Choose the partition that you store data on it, such asphotos, images, video files, audio files or any other document as well.Click it and let the program scan to find out what you lost or deletedon this partition.

Step three. When finishing scanning job, you will get a list offiles shown on the program. They are the data that you lost on thispartition. "Preview" button can make you view them in advance before yourecover; "Recovery" button allows you to get data back with ease andperfectly.

There it is! Maybe this tool is the best data recovery program for you.

best mac data recovery

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