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How to Recover Video from Samsung EX2F SMART Camera
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Posted on August 29th, 2012
Mac OS X

Samsung EX2F SMART Camera

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd announced the launch with theEX2F on July 04, 2012, the latest model in the growing selection ofWi-Fi-enabled SMART cameras. Following the success of the EX1 with F1.8lens, the newest model is engineered to provide even brighterphotography due to its F1.4 lens, the brightest in almost any compactcamera.

While Samsung's been updating and expanding itsinterchangeable lens camera lineup, its enthusiast compact, the TL500,or EX1 depending in your geographical area, was not updated inadditional than two years. That changes today.

The camera combines numerous features which deliverincredible image quality in all conditions. With the advanced F1.4 24mmLens, the digital camera delivers clear images and video even duringvery low light conditions. These are easily controlled while using theprofessional front wheel key and Dual Dials, which enable switchingbetween parameters and modes quickly for greater manual control. Thelow-light capabilities from the EX2F can also be added to from the1/1.7” 12 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, which delivers clear, blur-freeimages.

Video/Photo Recovery for Samsung Camera

This is new camera for users around the world. And when youpurchased it, I suppose you must take photos for your family and friendsduring the holiday or weekend. There are some common cases would causeyou delete your favorite videos from digital camera by mistake, or whenyou push down the “Delete” button on the camera to erase only one ormore video clips that you don’t want to keep, but you delete all of thefiles stored on this camera accidently. This is terrible experience foryou I dare to say. Well, do you know the way to recover deleted on camera? Do you know the common cases that would cause your important video files lost on digital camera memory card?

•The USB disconnected accidentally when you find yourself transferring photos from your camera to computer.

•The sudden power from the camera when you find yourself using them. This may lead to photo loss.

•The virus infection. If your personal machine is infectedby virus, you could possibly lose your photo. Even worse, if you connectyour own personal machine to computer, you may also lose the photos onaccount of virus.

•Accidently delete. Sometimes you could possibly thinkthere isn't enough space that you can take more photos, so that youdelete a number of the old photos. Guess what? You may delete the wrongone.

How to Recover Video from Camera

Briefly, there is a lot of scenario online for you to referto complete this task. And here I would like to introduce you a simpleand high successful rate method to allow you restore videos from camera with ease and fast.

1. Go to to type “umacsoft video recovery” on thesearching box, you will see thousands of relevant results displayed onthe google page, what you should do is just to click any one of them onthe first page to access the official website.

2. When opening umacsoft official website, you need to downloaduMacsoft Video Recovery program on your Mac OS. You are allowed to usethe trial version before you decide to purchase it. And the onlydifference between the free version and registered one is its “Recovery”feature. For the trial version can only scan the lost files for youfrom computer or device, and the purchased version allows you to recoverthem successfully.

3. For full version users. When downloading and running your videorecovery software on Mac, next step, you need to connect the memory cardof Samsung digital camera to Mac, and let the recovery program to scanthe lost or delete files for you completely. After a few minutes, youwill see there is a list of video clips files showing on the left sideof program interface. You are able to select them to preview them inadvance by clicking "Preview" button, and if you want to get them backon camera or computer, just hitting "Recovery" button.

There it is! With the above tutorial, you can retrieve the deleted video files from memory card on digital camera with ease.

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