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How to Recover M4A Audio Files on Mac
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Posted on October 19th, 2012
Mac OS X

M4A File Extension

Audio file created within the MPEG-4 format, a multimediacontainer format accustomed to store compressed audio and video data;contains audio encoded with either the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) codecor Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC).

M4A files are similar to .MP4 video clips since both filetypes make use of the MPEG-4 container format. However, M4A files onlycontain audio data. The use of the ".m4a" extension arose because of theconfusion between MPEG-4 video clips and MPEG-4 audio-only files.

The iTunes Store provides songs inside the M4A format. Thesesongs are encoded using AAC compression, which significantly reduces thesize of each file. Songs offering copyright protection offer an .M4Pextension.

Scenario to Recover M4A Audio Files on Mac

The capabilities of the new iPod video continue thedeveloping process of the old capabilities software, hardware andcompatibility along with other devices. Concerning the software, it'swell-known how the iPod generally and the iPod video specifically playMP3, audible audio book, WAV, M4A/AAC, protected AAC, AIFF and AppleLossless audio file formats.

Generally, we usually play .m4a audio files on Apple playerssuch as iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and so forth. On iPodplayers, we play audiobook with .m4a extension. In fact, most of AppleM4A audio files are copyright protected if you buy or rent them oniTunes Store. If you would like to transfer it or play on othernon-Apple players, you should remove DRM protections from m4a first.There are lots of related drm removal software online for you to choose.

Now to the point, how to recover m4a audio files is our key task on this article. Below is the tutorial of m4a files recovery in brief.

1. Access to type keyword of "umacsoft audiorecovery" on the searching box, then you will get more than 20,000results for you to choose. Then check any one of them and you will getofficial website. What you need to do right now is to free download Mac M4A Audio Recovery on your Mac OSX.

2. On this step, you need to let the audio recovery programto scan your hard drive and search and recover .m4a audio files. Thisprocess would take you a few minutes. Then you will get a list ofscanned files on the program. Among them, you are able to find out yourM4A audio files.

3. "Preview" button can make you review the audio files in advance, and if you hit "Recovery" button, then you enable to get m4a files back with ease and successfully.


Mac Data Recovery

Know About iPod

iPods are especially designed for matching the iTunes medialibrary software. This online music store appeared in 2003 and yes itsells songs plus it was thought just for the iPod users instead of forother portable music players. This may have contributed to the successthe two iPods and also the iTunes music store and also to the greatdevelopment and improvements of the iPod’s capabilities.

Compatibility of the iPods with Windows may be the idea ofApple, realized in 2002, undeniable fact that contributed to theroll-out of a Windows version of iTunes in 2003. The iPods could be madeto be works with a Macintosh and there's also an iPodLinux project.

All these capabilities appear to be improved in the matter ofthe new iPod video except the roll-out of other games or even theintroduction of the latest ones. This may be described as disadvantage,but if taking into account the belief that it is a case of a portablemusic player this aspect does not have such a great importance.

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