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How to Recover AIF Audio Files on Mac
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Posted on October 30th, 2012
Mac OS X

Question to Recover AIFF (AIF) Audio Files

1. I think I saw an advertisement or a review somewhere with an app which could recover corrupt audio - I've got lots of dodgy files from an HD recovery last year and I wants to be able to make use of them.

2. I'm a journalist and I am attempting to recover someinterviews saved as aiff files around the iTalk app on my iPhone. I'mable to open the raw file (recovered from backup) in Audacitynevertheless the file looks like a solid block of noise. I gather (usingSoundHack) that the file header may be the issue, but I have no cluehow to go about fixing this. Anyone have knowledge about this kind ofissue?

AIFF Extension File

Audio file constructed with the Audio Interchange File Format(AIFF); contains uncompressed CD-quality audio, similar to a .WAV file;frequently used to store standard CD audio.

Apple Computer developed the AIFF format, basing it onElectronic Arts' .IFF format. Standard AIFF files make use of a samplingrate of 44.1KHz, are 16-bit, and have two channels for hifi stereosound.

The AIFF file format is based on the Electronic Arts .IFFformat and was originally manufactured by Apple Computer. Standard CDaudio AIFF files are sampled at 44.1KHz, are 16-bit, and still have twochannels for stereo sound.

AIFF file, also referred as Audio Interchange File Format,can be a standard “audio extendable”. Mainly AIFF file is utilized forcapturing audio data for audio devices, gadgets and computer/laptops andnotebooks. The AIFF file format is designed and put together by AppleInc. Basically it's developed for “Electronic Art’s Interchange FileFormat”. It is professional-level audio extendable and mostly used AppleMacintosh computer. AIFF file has extensions as: ".aiff, .aif and.aifc".

High-quality audio file constructed with the (AIFF)extendable; contains CD-quality audio held in a non-compressed, losslessformat, similar .WAV files; widely used to burn audio CDs.

How to do aif audio recovery on Mac

Here I should talk about professional audio recovery software.This is an all-in-one recovery software for Mac users around the world,with it, you are able to recover almost all kinds of audio files withonly two buttons and three steps. Not only this feature, also it canhelp users to get back other data like videos, images or digital photos,documents, emails, archive files and so forth. In addition, you enabletake this program to rescue data on Mac and any other had devices, such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Sony, Samsung, HTC and so on.


PLEASE keep your eyes on that if you would like to recoverdata from iPhone, you should take your iPhone, iPod or iPad as USBdrive.


Here is tutorial in brief.

1. Type keywords of "audio recovery software umacsoft" to access download page to free download professional audio recovery software on Mac.

2. When launching software successfully, you need to clickthe hard drive on Mac to let recovery program scans your AIF audio filescompletely. Only a few minutes, you will get a list of scanned files onthe left side of application. Among them you will figure out that notonly your aiff files can be scanned, other data that you deleted on thispartition also can be found.

3. If you want to review them in advance, just clicking on"Preview" button; if you would like to get audio files back, thenhitting "Recovery" button.


Mac Data Recovery

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