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How to Recover MP3 Audio Files on Mac
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Posted on November 2nd, 2012
Mac OS X

MP3 File Extension

Compressed audio format put together by the Moving PictureExperts Group; uses "Layer 3" audio compression; popular to store musicfiles and audiobooks over a hard drive; may provide near-CD qualitysound (stereo, 16-bit) inside a file roughly 1/10 how big a .WAV or .AIFfile.

The quality of your MP3 file depends largely about the bitrate useful for compression. Common bit rates are 128, 160, 192, and 256kbps. Higher bit rates bring about higher quality files which requiremore disk space.

MP3 files are based on most portable music players, forexample the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune. They can be also playedaround the Amazon Kindle. Symbian OS cellphones can play MP3 files withthe entire UltraMP3 program.

Tutorial to Recover MP3 Files

You’d be blown away how many of your files are alreadyaffected. Luckily, many of these errors stay below the radar, whichfiles continue to play just as if nothing were wrong. Most applicationsdon’t rely too heavily over a particular MP3 tag.

But in case a file suddenly has choppy sound or doesn’t playin any way, and in case a collection of songs can’t be included toiTunes, then you know what’s happening.

Depending about how grave this distortion is, it may be easyto solve, or not in any respect. Below is an application for Mac OS X,which supports you detect the fault and recover corrupt MP3 files inside your music collection.

First of all, you should know which music recovery softwareis easy-to-use for you if you are technology newbie just like me. Youwill see there is thousands of results displayed on google searchingpage, well, how do you select any one of them to help you complete thisrecovery task perfectly. Here I tell you a tip to choose target resultexactly. You can surf on software forum first to see how other personselect, what kinds of related software on the market nowadays. Actually,for the same program, some users would say YES, others say NO. For myopinion, I would choose the applications that have trial version forusers to have a try before to purchase. Such as uMacsoft Data Recovery is this kind of program which provides free version for Mac users to download to use then deciding to buy or not.

Secondly, when choosing a suitable data recovery software onMac OX, you need to let the program scan your partition to find out yourlost or deleted MP3 audio files completely. Most of recovery softwarehas the ability to scan partition or hard drive, for the purpose ofscanning all the lost files on this computer completely and can berecovered efficiently.

Lastly, if the software finishes scanning job, generallyspeaking, you will get a list of files displayed on the programinterface, which are your lost data on the same partition. You can viewthem by clicking “Preview” button, and there is “Recovery” button toallow you recover them all, if you want to recover lost mp3 music, just check and get them back successfully.

Mac Data Recovery

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