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How to Recover WMA Audio Files on Mac
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Posted on November 2nd, 2012
Mac OS X

About WMA File Extension

Audio file compressed with Windows Media compression;proprietary format developed by Microsoft, like the .MP3 format; may beconverted to other more standardized formats; often employed for playingmusic from the Web; Windows Media videos use a .WMV extension.

Microsoft's Zune portable music player and also the DisneyMix Stick MP3 Player can play WMA files. They cannot be played by usingan iPod.

Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 was the last version of theWindows Media Player developed for Mac OS X. However, Mac users are ableto use Flip4Mac WMV (often known as Microsoft Windows Media Componentsfor QuickTime) to experience WMA files.

About WMA Audio Recovery

Here I propose you to select uMacsoft Data Recover software.It is the most effective and user-friendly data recovery software forMac users. It can recover data from deleted, corrupted, formattedpartitions and from crashed drives under Mac system. Mac Data RecoverySoftware may recover files from HFS, HFSX, HFS+ partitions, includingall types of files for example PDF, office, cad, image, video, audio,and etc.

If you would like to recover WMA audio files on Mac,you’d better go to recover software official website to free downloadprogram on your computer. Generally, most of recover software whofeatures two effective buttons, one is “Preview” button that can makeyou review the scanned files in advance; another is “Recovery” button,which is on the purpose of restoring lost data efficiently andsuccessfully. Here is tutorial in brief as followed.

1. Install and launch WMA Audio Recovery software on Mac OSX.

2. Click the partition that stored your audio files, and let the program scan it completely.

3. When finishing scanning task, you will get your .wma fileslisted on the interface of program. Check it and click "Preview" buttonto review it in advance; then hitting "Recovery"button to get WMAfiles back with ease.


Mac Data Recovery

About Data Recovery Software

Computer data can be quite important to us, in particularthose of us who earn their living on the computer. Over the last severalyears, the pc has grown on all people, making our lives so much easier.For that very reason, it’s easy to tell when we lost our computer data;it will completely destroy a majority folks.

Losing data is usually an overwhelming consideration to saythe least. Computers store data, although machines are actually known tofail. Even though the computer has become a lot more reliable overtime, it really is virtually impossible to stop computers from losingdata.

You don’t must take this prone through, since you can indeedreact. The ideal way to ensure that you never lose your precious data,which is to back it up and make backing it. You should back up yourcomputer data at least one time a week, with once each day being therecommended technique of doing it.

Burning data straight away to discs include the method ofbackup that a majority of people is using today, although copying theentire hard drive is the preferred way of burning your data. If you planto make use of discs, you’ll need sometimes a CD or DVD burner, whichyou can get to get a great price nowadays. The discs are low as well,which only makes this technique of backing things up very much better.

Whether it’s to your business and personal reasons, you can’tgo wrong storing your data.You should always strive to back things upproperly, as this will ensure how the data will be there when it'sneeded. This way, if your computer occurs crash or perhaps you loseeverything on your hard drive, you’ll also have your backup files to goback to. This alone can save you considerable time, effort, and quitepossibly even money - only for the simple fact the files are but areplica away to restore.

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