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How to Recover BMP Picture on Mac
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Posted on January 22nd, 2013
Mac OS X

BMP File Extension

Uncompressed raster image made up of a rectangular grid ofpixels; possesses a file header (bitmap identifier, file size, width,height, color options, and bitmap data place to start) and bitmappixels, each which has a different color.

BMP files might have different amounts of color depths perpixel, according to the number of bits per pixel specified by the fileheader. They may even be stored utilizing a gray scale color scheme.

How to recover deleted BMP images on Mac?This is common question displayed on the specialized forum, lots ofpeople deleted their BMP pictures by mistake, and don’t know how to getBMP files back, they suppose this task have to be fixed by expertise,now, today, let me show you how to perform BMP picture recovery on Mac by yourself.

BMP Picture Recovery

Photo Recovery Software for Mac may help us easily recoverpictures coming from a formatted or corrupted memory cards. Formatting astorage device means that each of the data previously stored into itgets erased. After formatting the cardboard, audios, pictures, videos,along with other data on it become inaccessible. If there is no back upavailable you can use uMacsoft Photo Recovery Software to recover lostpictures.

The Photo Recovery Software recovers pictures, audio, andvideo clips of almost all kinds of formats including jpg, jpeg, tif,gif, riff, RAF, NEF, tiff. This is an efficient Photo Recovery tool thatscans the required drive and shows the photographs, audios, videos,videos etc. that can be easily recovered.

First of all, to download the BMP picture recovery is our thefirst job to complete, you can type “how to recover BMP on Mac” ongoogle page, there will be tons of results for you to choose. Here Irecommend uMacsoft photo recovery software, which I have tested, it’seasy-to-use and you don’t need to read user manual before operating it.

Secondly, when launching this professional recovery software,you should let the software scan your hard drive to search deletedfiles on this partition. It would take you several minutes. You can goto get a cup of coffee.

Lastly, when finishing scanning, your deleted BMP pictureswould be listed on the program interface, then you can preview them bychecking files checkbox, and “Recovery” button can make you get themback with ease.

Mac Data Recovery

Some from the common reasons with the corruption of Memory Card:

1. Taking out card coming from a camera each time a file is written off

2. Camera battery is too low every time a file has been transferred from the camera to your computer

3. Taking out of card from a card reader while its card is accessed by a computer

4. Using a card that has not been formatted in the camera

Are you ready for rescuing your pictures?

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