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How to Recover GIF Picture on Mac
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Posted on November 30th, 2012
Mac OS X

GIF File Extension

Image file that could contain up to 256 indexed colors; colorpalette is often a predefined pair of colors or might be adaptedtowards the colors inside the image; lossless format, meaning theclarity of the image isn't compromised with GIF compression.

GIFs are typical format for Web graphics, especially smallimages and images that have text, including navigation buttons. However,JPEG (.JPG) images are better for showing photos because they are notlimited inside the number of colors they are able to display.

GIF images may also be animated and saved as "animated GIFs,"which are often used to display basic animations on websites online.They may have transparent pixels, that allow them to blend with assortedcolor backgrounds. However, pixels inside a GIF image have to be eitherfully transparent or fully opaque, hence the transparency is not fadedas being a .PNG image.

There are more GIF images online for users to view, some ofthem are converted from video, and some are made by designers. So youcan see that this kind of image file extension is so important andpopular in the Internet currently. Well, this article is on the purposeof letting you know what if you lose gif file on your computer orlaptop? How to recover GIF images on Mac?

GIF Picture Recovery

Images or pictures speak over words. I love to click photosnot because it’s my profession but my passion is to keep all memoriesbeside me forever. The moment I keep coming back from my work, my firstwork would be to sit on my small office chair and transfer all photosquickly to my Apple MacBook.

One such instance I created a blunder, considered one of myfriends called me up while I was transferring photos from myphotographic camera to MacBook. After hanging the phone down, I realizedthat accidentally clicked? Delete all? My face was blank and can neverforget that moment. After that, I made a great deal of search on Google;locate a huge selection of media recovery software but first question by my heart was that? Would I be capable of recovermy lost for photos? Google gave me answer for my question that a numberof the software is definitely going to be helpful. I got relief howeversecond question was? Which one of the software; are software equallyreliable?? I think that question was much tricky. I consult my buddy andhe suggested me to select the recovery software carefully, the programshould be familiar with recovering the photos if the partition has beenformatted. After going for a reliable suggestion from my techy friend, Iused the uMacsoft Photo Recovery Software.

uMacsoft Photo Recovery program can get your deleted filesback with ease, including photos, gif images plus much more from yourjust about any storage media such as hard drives, removable mediaemployed in PDA’s, camcorders, video cameras, etc. The software possesan outstanding feature of restoring files which may have previously beendeleted in the trash folder. uMacsoft Photo Recovery software programis compatible with all well-known brands for example Samsung, Olympus,Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Many More. Apart from brandedcameras/camcorders, the application shows great recovery functioning forother media devices too. Some of these Medias include MicroSD Card,CompactFlash (CF), Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC), Memory StickPRO, xD-Picture Card and more.

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