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Tutorial to recover lost Microsoft PPT on Macintosh
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Posted on December 14th, 2012
Mac OS X

PPT Recovery Software

uMacsoft PowerPoint Recovery for Mac users that is utilizedto recover PPT files from corrupt or damaged hard drive on MAC. It is abest tool for PowerPoint Recovery around the world. If we take intoconsideration all of the data loss cases of PowerPoint file mistakingoperation, this software provides comprehensive method to recover yourdata. It enables to rescue ppt files from hard drive, here you shouldpay attention that if your ppt files corrupt without saving, you’dbetter not overwrite it by using the original ppt file name.

Microsoft PowerPoint Recovery Software works in fully automated wizard. uMacsoft data recovery Recovery for MSPowerPoint comes after some reasonable steps like scan, preview andrecover.

.PPT file extension - Editable slide show created withMicrosoft PowerPoint; often useful for presentations or slideshows; caninclude formatted text, bullet points, images, movies, sound clips, andmusic; often produced one of many templates incorporated with thePowerPoint software, but are often created from scratch.

Wizard of performing ppt file recovery on Mac

1. Install PPT file Recovery on Mac

2. Scan hard drive to search lost files

3. Preview and recover PowerPoint files on Mac successfully

Mac Data Recovery


Note and Tips

One significant thing to bear in mind is whenever you losedata; never save any other files on the same hard disk. This could avoidoverwriting the lost data and losing it forever. Overwritten data cannot be recovered anymore except with expensive recovery methods.


When you are working in the front of computer each day, youhave likely already experienced losing computer files. It's depressingisn't it? However, lost files are not really lost actually; it's justdisappeared into hiding on the hard drive. Though a file is alreadytaken away from the file directory, it is still in the partition and youcan recover it with professional data recovery software.

Each data recovery software has its own features on thecurrent market. You need to make sure that choosing one recoverysoftware whose operation is easy enough, or else you might be a failureon this payment. After all, we need it to help us recover lost files,not UI/UE tester.

uMacsoft data recovery software is easy to utilize. Youreally don't have to become a computer guru just to use it. As soon asyou have installed the software program, it will first ask you whichpartition you desire it to scan. You can choose one hard drive to scan.Duration it takes to searching the lost data depends on the size offolders the software has to go through.

Hence, the next time you delete your files, you would knowhow to proceed, just using uMacsoft data recovery software to have yourdeleted/lost files or photos back excellent.

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