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Tutorial to recover lost Keynote on Macintosh
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Posted on December 14th, 2012
Mac OS X

Query on Keynote Files Recovery

Does anyone have any tips for rebuilding a Keynote file?I'm getting a message that says "Keynote can't open the file because itis damaged."

The problem I have is that it's been a couple of monthssince I last used the presentation (and it didn't have a problem backthen), so my daily, weekly, and monthly backups all have the damagedversion of the document on it.

So I don't know how it got damaged ... but now I'm facing rebuilding it.

I've looked at the package, and I see all of the graphicsin there. And I see a bunch of screenshots in the Thumbs folder, sothat'll help me recreate it. What I'm having trouble finding is a filethat contained all of my speaker notes.

Has anyone else had to deal with this? Does anyone have a trick that they can share?

File Recovery software is important for any business thathandles sensitive client information or medical information. This typeof system helps eliminate clutter, storage fees but it improves searchabilities. Documents are transferrable and easily managedelectronically. However, for personal users, this kind of recoverysoftware is also meaningful for them. Take the above users for instance,he/she works with keynote, as he/she have to give a speech next day, soif the Keynote files are damaged, it’s undoubtedly a huge disaster forhe/she.

This is an important and urgent problem for user to grab helpright now. So let’s back to the subject and share an easy and bestmethod to help him/her recover damaged Keynote on Mac as soon as possible. Continue reading.

Scenario to recover Keynote on Mac

First of all, you need to download professional documentrecovery software on Mac. I will take uMacsoft data recovery softwarefor reference. With this software, you won’t read user manual beforehandling it, as this is easy-to-use recovery program on Mac OSX. Whenlaunch it, you could know the exact operations step-by-step. There areonly two buttons – “Preview” and “Recovery”, so I won’t waste my wordson their functions, I suppose you are so smart to know what are they andwhen to click them. Now, let me tell you the tutorial exactly.

1. Free download uMacsoft data recovery on Mac

2. Click hard drive and let software scan damaged Keynotecompletely, this process will take you several minutes, and so you canget a cup of coffee though.

3. When finishing scanning, check files listed on theinterface to preview, and hitting “Recovery” button to get them backefficiently.

Mac Data Recovery

Document Management and Recovery Software

Management software allows anyone to get better control overtheir documents, disaster recovery, digital archiving, it helps to boostprofit with an increase of accurate collections and invoicing. Itimproves day-to-day operations also it improves regulatory compliance.It also increases customer satisfaction and reduces reaction time. Theapplication helps to manage workflow, manage email, search and retrievedocuments, offers full text searches, scans documents, and comes with avirtual printer and audit log.

However, a great document recovery software also significantfor users. You can manage your huge documents via management software,well, have you considered once the files are damaged or lost by mistakeor hard drive/external hard disk corrupted without any reason, do youhave any fast and effective method to recover deleted documents at the first time? Keep my tutorial described above on your computer or USB flash drive, just in case.

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