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Tutorial to recover Emails on Macintosh
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Posted on December 20th, 2012
Mac OS X

Each day we are working in the front of computer, and communicatewith our customers, leaders or colleagues via email, we can say that wecan not work at all without email system. However, when you deleted oneimportant emails files by mistake or your email system were attacked byvirus or your computer were dead without any reason, I suppose you mustbe panic if that happened. When looking for data recovery software orsome kinds of email recovery software,you need to find a solution that can recover your files from thelocation where you "lost" them. Continue reading my article below, Iwill tell you the most effective and easiest way to perform email filesrecovery on Mac.

It’s probably that your computer suffered a virus attack orpartitions reformatting. Maybe you just need to recover a few criticalfiles that were accidentally deleted. If you lost your files, it isimportant that you find software that can attempt to relieve you fromyour specific scenario. When we looked for the best data recovery software,we compared what storage devices they can restore from and their searchand restore filters, basic features and technical support to help youdiscover the most suitable product to solve your data-loss problem.

Recover Deleted Emails on Mac

Let’s see some email file format first.

PST - Data storage file that containspersonal information used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange; includese-mail folders, contacts, addresses, and other data.

DBX – Folder created by Outlook Express, aMicrosoft email program; contains email messages for a specific mailbox;typically saved within the "Documents and Settings" user directory; maybe copied to another folder in order to backup e-mail messages.

EMLX - Individual e-mail message saved byApple's Mac OS X Mail program; saved as a plain text file that can alsobe viewed in a text editor.

EMLX files are typically found in the"~user/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/[mailbox]/Messages/" folder or the"~user/Library/Mail/[account]/INBOX.mbox/Messages/" folder.

So let’s see the tutorial of recovering email files on Mac.

First of all, you need to download professional data recovery software on Mac OS. Such as uMacsoft data recovery software is one of your best choices. This kind of recovery program isall-in-one application, which is able to get back almost all the lost ordeleted data on Mac with ease. Also, you don’t need to read user manualbefore operating it, its user-friendly interface design could make youknow better how to handle this software step-by-step.

Secondly, when you download recovery program successfully,you would see a hard drive displayed on the program interface, which isyour partition on Mac, what you need to do is click it and let softwarescan and search your lost email files. This process would take youseveral minutes, you could catch a cup of coffee.

When finishing scanning files, you would see your lost emailfiles listed on the interface, you can click it to preview, check themand click “Recovery” button to get them back successfully.


Mac Data Recovery

Note and Tips

You cannot recover the files to the same drive where theywere lost, therefore choose another volume or some external storagedevice such as a USB flash drive to save them safely.

In order to avoid repeating recovery job to find your gone files,you'd better mark your important files as read-only, or make copies ofthem periodically.

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