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Compare Video Converter and Video Recovery Software
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Posted on December 20th, 2012
Mac OS X

Video Converter Software

Several things are found too good to not share. The top videoconverter software can assist you show and tell your friends about yourentire favorite moments, whenever and wherever. These types of softwarecan repackage video clips a single format to make them viewable inother formats. Whether you would like to convert FLV to MP4 or convertAVI to DVD, the products have you covered, so you won't need tounderstand the alphabet soup of file formats for their services. Thissoftware translates nearly all of that to suit your needs.

If anything you know is that you simply would like to converta YouTube video into a extendable that would look wonderful playing inyour iPod classic, the best video converter software can certainly makeit happen within a couple clicks. If you wish to be able to watch yourDVD collection on your computer or in your phone, just put videoconverter software to your workplace. Very quickly, you can view yourfavorite movies anytime and anywhere.

There is lots of related video converter software online foryou to choose, some of them are totally freeware, some of them arecharged. A number of multimedia software development providers releaseconverter programs like video converter, audio converter, photoconverter etc.

Generally speaking, I take free video converter online toconvert my movie or video from one format to another, I personallyrecommend two online video converter websites: convert.files and online-converter. Both of them are easy to use. Just DIY and convert what you need.

However, do you consider that your favorite or importantmovie or home-made video files were damaged or your computer wasaffected by virus that could not reboot, how do you recover videos thatreduce your loss to the minimum? What’s more, if you don't have goodhabit to backup your data periodically, I suppose you must be panic tolose your data without any reason. Though, this article covers the bestand effective method to help you recover lost video on Mac.

Video Recovery Software

Video recovery Mac software can rescue your lost video files successfully. Maybe your cherishedfiles or your clients’ files, a homemade video that records your kids’growth or anniversary party. You would figure out that recovery softwarecan help you recover deleted Mac files including media-rich Adobefiles, videos and production-type files. It can also help you retrievelost images, text files and tax documents. Whether your data wascompromised by user error or disk error, data recovery Mac software canhelp you liberate your files and relieve your worries.

The best Mac data recovery software products –Stellar Phoenix(Windows version) and uMacsoft data recovery (Mac version) can save youfrom losing important files such as videos that are not easilyreplaceable, and save you from throwing your computer against the wall.The only time that these services can't help you is if your files havebeen written over, or the hard drive has had physical damage done to it.You should keep in mind that you’d better not save other files with thesame name on hard drive, or else your video can not be restored anymore.

How to recover deleted videos on Mac

First of all, you need to download data recovery software, for Windows version, you could choose Stellar Phoenix data recovery, if you want to get file recovery software for Mac, I suggest you download uMacsoft data recovery. Let’s take Mac data recovery software for instance to show how to restore lost video files.

1. Free download Mac video recovery software. Download here.

2. Launch software on Mac, you will see your hard drivedisplayed on the program interface, you need to click it; the recoveryapplication would scan partition for your files completely. This processwould take you several minutes.

3. When finishing scanning, you will see your video fileslisted on the program interface. You can check them to preview orgetting back by hitting "Recovery" button.

So easy operation for all of users, whatever you are technology expert or newbie.

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