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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks
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Posted on December 23rd, 2012
Windows 7


My name is David Cantu and I have an Associate's Degree in Computer Maintenance.  I will be teaching you some basic steps for fixing computers. Some of the stuff might just be little computer tips and tricks, whileothers will include basic computer maintenance and fixing any issues youmight encounter.  If you encounter any computer question, please feelfree to leave a comment.


Build a Computer:

Ifyou are interested in being able to build a computer, please view myother blog that explains step-by-step instructions.  If you don't knowmuch about which parts to buy for building your computer, please leave acomment because not all parts are compatible with each other.

How To Build a Computer:


Operating System Tips:

The next subject I will be explaining is some basic operating system tips.  I will be talking about computer topics like mapping a network drive, hiding desktop icons, and hiding desktop gadgets.


How to Map a Network Drive:

Mapping a network drive is pretty much being able to access another computer's folder from your computer, and having it easily available like your C: drive. This is most practical in a work environment because workers usually have a folder from the server where they save all their work to. Before watching the video, please make sure that you are on the same domain or workgroup as the computer you are wanting to map the network drive from.  Also make sure that the folder you are wanting to map is shared by that computer.  Also on 0:09 of my video, make sure that the option "Reconnect on logon" is checked.  This means that every time you restart your computer, it will automatically connect to the drive.



How to Hide Desktop Icons:

This is just a little tip for people like me that are too lazy to delete desktopicons.  All this does is hide the icons, you can easily unhide them andthey will appear exactly the way they were.  Please view this videotutorial to learn how.




How to Hide Desktop Gadgets:

Thistip shows you how to hide your desktop gadgets if you want your desktopto look clean without deleting your desktop gadgets.  Please view thisvideo tutorial to learn how.




How to Move Taskbar:

Youcan move the taskbar to the right,top, or left side of the screen ifyou want.  I prefer the default bottom position, but you can change itto whichever position you want.



How to Hide Taskbar:

Ifyou want a little bit more room on your screen, you can hide thetaskbar.  The only thing that could get annoying is that, if you moveyour mouse towards the bottom of the screen, it will show up and get inthe way of the bottom of the screen.




How to Change Folder Icon:

Thistip is used to customize your folder icons to look different than justthe plain folder.  You can make it look like a star, power button,caution sign, and many more.

To learn how to change a folder icon, please view my video:





To learn about basic computer maintenance, please click here:




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