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Mac Photo Recovery Helps Me to Recover Deleted Pictures
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Posted on January 11th, 2013
Mac OS X

I am editor of Newspaper firm, and I have to work in the front of Maccomputer to edit lots of words, pictures and video files everyday. Hereis my own experience on deleting all of my semi-finished article andready to publish next day. However, I just would like to delete one ofmaterials of my product, but accidently, I deleted them all, that meant,all of my works including words, videos and photos were gone awayimmediately, and terribly, I can not found them through out my computer,including Trash bin. OMG! This is horrible case at that moment, who canhelp me retrieve deleted files successfully. I can retype those wordswithout difficult, but those pictures and videos that made by myself,which can be recovered back at all!

Obama Mishy, who is my best friend. That day he also workedovertime for his report. When I asked him for help, he came to my iMac,and told me there was simple method to get the files back. But the onlything I should notice that I could not do any other thing on thiscomputer, as the overwritten files can not be retrieved, or else Ishould take me computer to the customer service center to get it fixed.That means, my work would be delayed, and my bonus would be docked. Whata bad experience! I decided do nothing to my iMac, let Obama help merecover lost files perfectly.

Tutorial to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac

First of all, he let me do some searches to find out the bestand powerful data recovery software on Macintosh. I did and googled lotof products for him to filter out. Finally, he chose two products forme, Mackeeper data recovery and uMacsoft data recovery software,both are professional data recovery program for Mac users. Obama letsme to decide to purchase. I walked through their official websites, andmade a summary of these two recovery tools’ features. See below.


1. Protect your Mac from all kinds of Internet fraud.

2. Anti-Theft

3. Hide your private files.

4. Files Recovery

5. Schedule backup for your files and folders.

6. Delete files and folders forever.

7. Clean your Mac quickly and safely.

8. Uninstall leaving no junk behind.

9. Get the latest versions of all your apps.

10. Boost your login time.

11. Choose an application to open a file with.


1. Scan lost or deleted pictures, videos, documents, emails, archive files and other files

2. Preview recovered files before recovery

3. Recover data from external devices, such as external harddrive, multimedia players, mobile phones and even iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Compare these two prices


One Mac is $39.95

Up to two Macs is $59.95

Up to three Macs is $ 89.95


One-time fee is $84.95 (So far as I know, one register key is available on more than three Macs without time limitation.)

Now it’s up to me to decide which software been available forme. For Mackeeper program, it’s too powerful to handle, I just wouldlike to get back deleted files, so that the other features would bewasteful for me, if I pay for Mackeeper, it might be to take me somehours to be familiar with its functions one by one to find out my targetrecovery feature. At that situation, at that time, I only needed onesoftware that could help me rescue deleted photos, videos and my words.Lastly, I purchased uMacsoft data recovery software. Actually, it’s mysmart choice. As I didn’t read its user manual before operate it, thereare only two buttons – Scan and Recovery, which made me know clearlywhat I should do step-by-step.

Finally, thanks to uMacsoft, I rescued my files perfectly. Want to know how I operate it? See below.

1. Download and launch this data recovery software on Mac.

2. Click hard drive image on the interface, and software starts toscan lost files completely. This is automatically process; you don’tneed to sit behind your Mac, just go to get a cup of coffee.

3. When finishing scanning process, the recovered files are listedon the program, they can be previewed in advance, just check them andclick "Preview" button. If you want to get some of them back, thenhitting "Recovery" button.

That is it! Simple enough! My lost files came back successfully. What a wonderful recovery experience!

Mac Data Recovery

Tip for you to choose Mac data recovery software

Below is my opinion for you to choose the above recovery programs.

For emergent case, just choose uMacsoft data recovery. Asit’s easy-to-use, and there aren’t any other extra features for you tofix your urgent problem.

For keeping your Mac safe and clear, choose Mackeeper. This ispower and comprehensive utility software. You can make your Mac securityand cleaning with it. Also, you are able to optimize Mac better.

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