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How to Purchase Mac Email Recovery Tool
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Posted on January 22nd, 2013
Mac OS X

New Year is coming soon; I suppose you must receive lots ofemail files each day, including spam email and your customers’. However,my experience on dealing with those so many unread emails is “selectall – and – delete all”, of course I know which ones are spam files,which ones are my boss’s or customers’. While, last day, I made a stupidmistake, I deleted my boss’s email with the highest priority. OMG! Thisis a terrible disaster like a thunderclap, I have not even read it,then it went to trash bin and, what’s worse! I emptied trash two minutesago. At that moment, the only word I would like to say is “S-H-I-T”!

After complains, I have to find a quick solution to recover email files on Macintosh as soon as possible, or boss would fire me.

Best Macintosh Email Recovery

One technical expert in our company told me, in fact, yourdeleted files were still stored in your computer, and they were justhidden and not allowed you to find them. So if you want to recover them,you just need to take 3rd party recovery application to get them backsuccessfully. With his worlds, I felt relieved, at least, I could keepmy job temporary. Next step, I have to search which recovery tool I cantake to help me recover deleted emails perfectly.

There are so many Macintosh data recovery software online for me to choose, and most of them provide freeversion, which allow me to test if they could do better recovery task.After testing, my choice is uMacsoft data recovery, which can useefficient scanning algorithm, to carry out in-depth scan of affecteddrive and extract all lost emails and other data from it. Theapplications are built-with simple graphical user interface and thus donot require sound technical skills.

In some ways, uMacosft is the most powerful application insome review websites. It can recover files from almost any device --whether or not it's mounted with a drive letter, has a partition or iseven formatted. uMacsoft has editions for multiple platforms: Mac OS Xincluding the latest Mac 10.8. And its creator claims it can detect andrecover more than 600 types of files, and not just photos, as the namemight imply. However, its very simple interface may be off-putting tousers who expect a slick graphic interface.

Mac Data Recovery

System Requirement

uMacosft is designed for Mac OS X 10.8 mountain lion orlower. The application Recover Mac file from HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFSWrapper, and FAT file system volumes.

In Mac OS X, the email messages from your computer (Mac orWindows) may get deleted because of various reasons such as virusinfection, accidental deletion, user errors, protocol related issues,server corruption, and application malfunction. In order to perform DataRecovery Mac to get your lost emails back, you need to have a goodhabit to back up your data on computer periodically.

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