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How to Recover Pictures & Videos for Samsung Ativ S
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Posted on January 22nd, 2013
Android OS

The World First Windows Phone 8 Smart Phone - Samsung Ativ S

The Samsung Ativ S is a first smartphone running Microsoft'sWindows Phone 8 operating system designed, developed, and marketed bySamsung Electronics.

Featuring Windows Phone 8, the ATIV S features a hairlinedesign, a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display as well as a 1.5GHz dual-coreprocessor with HSPA+42 connectivity. Today, the Korean electronics giant took the wraps from the Samsung AtivS, the world’s first smartphone running Windows Phone 8.

The Ativ S (Ativ is "Vita" spelled backward) carries a slim design,a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, as well as a 1.5GHz dual-coreprocessor. In addition there are compatibility for HSPA+42.

Samsung Ativ data recovery

So, this article will tell you some technology knowledge of how to recover lost files for Samsung Ativ S with professional data recovery software by yourself.

Perform Data Recovery for Samsung Ativ S

Whatever smart phones or digital camera, there is memory cardinside for users to store much more media files like digital picturesor video files.

Modern technology has given more ease and convenience topeople almost everywhere. However, although it's tapped with technology,errors still come up. Even the best technologies around aren't perfect.Those digital photos might also be deleted in most few instances. Thesegadgets or technologies are very sensitive and something singleincorrect move can impact these questions big way similar to in theevent the photos become lost or deleted.

It is so much terrible experience if the photos you havetaken from very important party or occasion are deleted simply cause ofdamaged memory card or dead system of smart phone. At this situation,you might be losing all of the pictures and it’s the worst thing to bein. So, it is significant for all of us to have safety and precautionsof digital media devices that we are using, such as Samsung Ativ S.

In addition, you can have photo recovery software or datarecovery program always ready to ensure that you will not lose a singlefile from your media devices. Professional data recovery software orfile recover software is a kind of application that could help userecover lost files, like digital photos, video files, documents, emailsand so forth. It might be our best choice and solution to recover lostfiles especially if the memory card gets damaged or corrupted. There aretwo kinds of version for you to choose, one is data recovery forWindows, and other is Mac version. It’s up to you to select which one isyour requirement.

Here I will tell you the easiest way to perform data recovery for Samsung Ativ S via uMacsoft Data Recovery software, this is Mac data recovery software for Mac users.

Mac Data Recovery


1. Free download and launch Data Recovery Mac software.

2. Connect Samsung Ativ S to Mac. You must mount Ativ S asUSD drive, then the recovery software can scan it for lost filescompletely.

3. Click Samsung Ativ S icon on the recovery software interface, and the program starts to scan the data automatically.

4. Several minutes later, your lost files including videos,photos and other files would be listed on the program, you are able topreview them before recovery, and check them to get back by hitting"Recovery" button.

Apart from having a photo recovery program, also you shoulduse some safety measures in order to avoid getting your memory card fromgetting damaged. Remember these high-tech gadgets are sensitive andwant special care and handling. It will always be safe to possess abackup copy of most your photos within your computer or even a disk.Also, you will not expose the camera or memory card to extremetemperature. Ensure that it is stay in a safe place.

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