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How to Recover Video or Photo for Samsung Galaxy SIII mini
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Posted on January 24th, 2013
Android OS

Samsung GT-I8190 Samsung galaxy s III mini is usually an Androidsmartphone that is announced in October 2012 and released in November2012. The Galaxy S III Mini tech specifications has a 4 inch SuperAMOLED Display, dual-core processor running at 1 GHz with 1 GB of RAM, 5MP rear camera along with a front-facing camera for video calls orself-portrait photography. The product runs Android 4.1.1 (Jelly egg).

Samsung Galaxy SIII mini data recovery

Tips to rescue videos/photos for Samsung Galaxy SIII mini users

Digital age has ushered in an era of convenience. Todayyou'll be able to conduct thousands of activities with the help of ourdesktop. Smartphones have emerged just as one offshoot of thistechnological advancement. Cameras sustained by new computertechnologies have become an essential source for self-expression.Multimedia applications have started to occupy monstrous spaces on harddisks. Flash cards and memory cards today hold because information asUSB drives.

Virtual albums and photo galleries have sprawled up onnetworking and photo sharing sites. This is because photo capturing andsharing has become much easier today. You can choose from a variety ofcell phone’s camera and pick one most suited to your skills orrequirements. iPhone 5 and any other competitive smart phone producerslick Samsung Galaxy has the ability to make users take high qualityphotos with these kinds of smart phones. However, when you take lots ofphotos for your family or friends, if you would like to delete only oneof them, unfortunately, you choose deleted all option, and all of yourfavorite pictures are gone away immediately, do you know how to recoverthem by yourself? Do you have any tool or method to get your photosback? Generally, most of us would consider that the deleted photos orvideos could not be recovered any more, as there is no place to let usretrieve. However, the deleted files on your phone or even computer arestill stored on the memory card or hard drive, they are “hidden” and wecould not see them with our eyes. In this case, you should take someprofessional photo recovery software or video recovery software to help you get them back successfully. See tutorial in detail as below.

It’s simple enough step-by-step to perform data recovery for Samsung Galaxy SIII mini.

First of all, download and launch data recovery software.There are two versions on the market currently, for Mac and Windowssystem. It’s up to you to choose which one is for your requirements. Ichoose data recovery Mac software for instance. Take uMacsoft datarecovery software for instance. Download directly here.Launch it on Mac like any other Mac application as you do. Then youwould see your hard drive shown on the program interface. Ignore it.

Then, you need to connect Samsung Galaxy SIII mini to Mac.You could find out that your Samsung memory card displayed on thesoftware. Just click it, and uMacsoft program is able to scan it foryour deleted photos or video files automatically.

Lastly, when scanning process finished, your lost files arelisted on the software, among which you could see your important photoseasily. Check them to preview and click “Recovery” button to get themback perfectly.

In spite of the production of recovery software's data safetycan not be completely guaranteed. This is exactly why everybodyrecommends regular data backup. Digital tide continues to fresh. Ourdigital dreams are yet inside their infancy and any mistake at thispoint is sufficient to shatter them. Data recovery software's prevent ususing this disastrous situation. Could be they can be costly but aredefinitely worth a buy. After all nothing on the earth is often asprecious as those photographs which capture you're necessary once in thelife holiday.

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