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Mac Software to Recover Deleted Files
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Posted on February 27th, 2013
Mac OS X

Deal with Disk Recovery on Mac Computer

Most people who use computers would eventually experience a dataloss problem. This can be a very stressful event, specifically if thedata was particularly significant. Luckily, in most casesthe data can be successfully recovered by a Mac hard drive recoverytool. Mac supplies a line of recover file software, which will helpusers retrieve important computer data in certaincircumstances, and, there are many data recovery companies who focuson Mac recovery area. All of us may face this terrible case; thereforeit makes sense to be prepared and also to know what todo in case you experience the loss of your data.




Let's talk about how to recover deleted files on Mac. With 3 steps, you are able to rescue your dataperfectly.


Step 1. Go to download professional files recovery software online, Ichoose Mac version, which my computer is Macbook Pro. There are somerecommendations for you. uMacsoft data recovery, StellarData Recovery, Wondershare data recovery, all of these are the bestrecovery programs on the market currently. For more details, you'dbetter Google them at once.



Accidents happen all the time and permanently deleting files on yourcomputer can be detrimental. Many people who have lost their files areinterested in data recovery for Mac. This article isgoing to cover the best Mac data recovery tools out there. Good Macdata recovery tools should easily be able to recover any file from a Maccomputer, as well as cameras, phones, and otherexternal hard drives. The best data recovery tool should be able torecover NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, and HFSX hard disk formats with ease.



uMacsoft Data Recovery is one of the most powerful and professionalrecovery tools available on Mac. It supports all of the formatsmentioned above as well as any type of file. You can evenrecover lost emails with uMacsoft! What's most impressing aboutuMacsoft is that it can also recover Windows compatible files from anexternal hard drive. uMacsoft deeply scans your hard drive torecover files that have even been reformatted! uMacsoft can alsorecover photos from cameras and any data from external hard drives andphones.


Over 10,000 people use uMacsoft for their Mac recovery needs. 10,000people can’t be wrong, because this is truly one of the best Mac datarecovery tool. For the features it offers and the priceit costs ($75.95 for Christmas savings) uMacsoft smokes all otherMac data recovery competition.


Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix offers the basic Mac data recovery tools. Thisprogram can recover from external hard drives, and even optical mediadrives. Stellar Phoenix also offers the ability to create databackups by creating .img files of hard drives, volumes, or selectedregion.

Stellar Phoenix currently costs $99.95.


TechTool Pro 6

Although TechTool Pro 6 does’t bring anything new to recoveringdeleted data, they do offer very good customer support. All questionssubmitted to support are answered in a detailed fashionwithin 24 hours, and they answer phone calls immediately. TechToolis also able to test the CPU and RAM usage, as well as testing RAM forerrors.

TechTools costs $91.98


R-Studio 2.0 R-Studio would be good for mac photorecovery, and some other basic recovery tasks, but it isn’t the best macrecovery tool out there. R-Studio's user interface is abit intimidating for power users and can also become quiteconfusing. R-Studio is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Whatmost likely happened when this program was created was that thedesign was sacrificed for operating system portability. In any caseif you need the best data recovery tool for Mac, R-Studio would not be agood choice.

It costs $79.99 and doesn’t offer as much as it should offer.


Data Rescue 3

Data Rescue 3 is a professional data recovery tool. Its userinterface is one of the cleanest and simplest UI we'ree tested. DataRescue is easy to use to recover file from Macs, externalhardware, and external hard drives. Data Rescue 3 can also be usedfrom a secondary device. That way you can use another hard disk torecover your main hard disk files.

Data Rescue costs $99.00


Step 2. Most of recover tools have one common feature that is scanlost files automatically. When you install and launch file recovery Macsoftware, the program has the ability to detect yourdevices that you want your lost files come back. If you only want torecover files for hard drive, then hitting the image of HD, thenprogram will start to scan it for lost data; if you want torescue files from iPhone or other mobile phones, then you need toconnect devices to your computer, then recovery software would detectthis device, and start to scan automatically.


Step 3. When finishing scanning files, you will see all the lostfiles would be listed on the software, at this time; there will be a"preview" button, which allows you to check the files forpreviewing before recovering. Last step, tick files and click"Recovery" button to get back lost files perfectly. This is commonfeature available for all the recovery tools, whatever Mac versionor Windows. It might be some other tinny features included in somekinds of program. It's up to you to choose which one is your choice.Most of software are provided trial version for users tohave a try before purchase, whose aim for deciding if your lostfiles could be scanned and recovered. For free data recovery software,which can only scan the loss, if you want to retrieve them,then you need to buy it.

Recover Deleted Files Mac Software - Online Backup Options for Mac

Regardless of what causes important computer data loss, the bestdefense is always to regularly backup any data you never wish to lose.You can back up your computer data to an external drive orsimply just use an online data backup service. There are a number ofonline backup solutions for Macs including: Zumo drive Carbonite iDriveiDisk Each one of these services offersreliable, inexpensive solutions to store your data online, allowingyou to protect your important information and maintain your peace ofmind. When you experience data lost case, contact disk recovery software as soon as possible.

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