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How To Create a Quick Search Report on Brightlocal Rank Checker To Track Your Rankings
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Posted on March 7th, 2013

images (1).jpgBrightlocal Rank Checker is an SEO tool that allows you to monitor your rankings on search engines and local search engines so you would know where you stand. It also helps you identify some possible SEO solutions to pull your rank higher. Creating a Quick Search Report on Brightlocal Rank Checker is so easy. Just register an account in Brightlocal and subscribe to one of the packages they offer so you can enjoy its features. Then, follow the steps below. But if you think this task is too time consuming or difficult for you to do, hiring an expert, like an SEO link builder, can help you on this.

Step 1: Log in to your Brightlocal account.


Step 2: On your Admin Console page, Look for the "My Tools" at the right. Under "Rank Checker", click the drop down arrow beside the "View Reports" button to populate options. Select "New Ranking Report".

Step 3: A new Window pops up. Select "New Ranking Report" under "Quick Search".

Steo 4: You will be directed to "Local Search Rank Checker" page. Enter all the required information.

- Basic Information

  • SearchTerms: A maximum of 10 search terms can be added.
  • Select Client(Optional): Choose the client whom you are performing this reportfor or add a new client.
  • Enter the website address you areperforming a rank check. Check the tick box if the business doesnot have a website.
  • Choose the country where this business isbased in.
  • Select the search engines you wish to get resultsfrom.

- Optional Settings

  • Check the tick box on theNo. 6 field if you wish to search for a local business rankingsusing the business name, postal/zip code, and telephone number.
  • Addbusiness name/s or the alternative names your business is knownfor.
  • Add the business zip/postal code.
  • Add the businesstelephone number.
  • Choose a white-label profile for this reportor leave it on a default set to branded.

Step 5: Once the data are complete, click on the "Get Rankings" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 6: Wait for about 60 seconds while the results are being processed.

Step 7: Once the results are generated, you will be directed to the results page where your website ranks on the search engines and the local search engines you selected are displayed.

Step 8: The report being generated on Quick Search is not saved on your account. If you want to keep a copy, you can download them on a CSV or PDF file.

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