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What is the Best Windows 7 or XP or Vista Password Recovery Tool?
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Posted on March 7th, 2013
Windows 7

How to recoverlost Windows password with you forgot it or lost it? I have owned fourcomputers so far. One is Windows Vista, one is Windows XP, one is Windows 7 andthe other is Windows 8. Of the four computers I like Windows 8 best. But do youknow my experiences with these computers? You don’t know, so now let me tellyou about this.

My first computer was a Windows Vistamachine and I got it from my mother. She was a computer fan and liked to studycomputers. She gave her computer to me because she would like to buy a new one.However, she didn’t tell me the login password of the Windows Vista, at thesame time I have no Windows Vista passwordrecovery tool. Therefore I couldn’t open it!

The second machine of mine is a nineinto new one and I got it from my uncle. He happened to move out so he left hisdesktop in my house and he said I could use it. To my disappointment, he toldme he forgot the password when he arrive his new house. I was quite sad to hearthis. This time I have no Windows XP password recovery method as well. I have no chance to use the computeragain!

windows password recovery

Then when I was a college student, I gotmy third computer. That was a new laptop ran on Windows 7 operating system andI liked it very much. I hoped to change it until I graduated from school so I cherishit very much. But the sad thing happened again; I set up password on it butlose it for some other reasons. I didn’t know how to remove it. I had no Windows 7 password recovery tool in my hand. So I had to ask the Internet for help.

Until the next day I finally found out softwarecalled SmartKey Windows PasswordRecovery Standard. It was the best Windows password recovery tool, at least Ibelieved in it. I followed the steps that were required as below:
Step 1: Visit the website and download it, install it into another accessiblemachine.
Step 2: Use a CD or DVD or USB flashdrive and insert it into the machine and burn it as a password reset disk.
Step 3: Take the drive to your lockedcomputer and start recovering your locked laptop or desktop.

Wow, it is really easy and thanks tothis Windows password recovery I can access my laptop again! I also try to reset Windows 8 password with my present laptop, it works!

Source: Windows PasswordRecovery How to Recover Lost Windows 8/7/XP/Vista Password

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