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How to Recover Deleted Email Files on Macintosh
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Posted on March 19th, 2013
Mac OS X

Microsoft Outlook Email recovery

I access my work email from home on my home computer and itis a Microsoft Outlook account. So I log onto the ftsmail from home toaccess it. I have a need to produce an email now that I deleted a yearago. Is there a recovery program that I can download that will allow meto recover that deleted email on my home computer? I read somewhereabout deleted outlook emails becoming .pst (not sure what that means). Icannot remember if I deleted it on the work computer or my homecomputer but will that make a difference? I obviously cannot downloadany software to do it at work It is an email that I need to prove atime-off dispute with my employer...but I can on my own computer to tryand find it if that is even possible. Any help would beappreciated.Thanks.

MS Outlook 2010 is the latest email clientutility of MS Office. From a new look, to advanced way to organizeemails, communication, search and social networking features. Itprovides you with a more affluent set of experience to stay in touchwith your personal and business networks. It stores all the emails,contacts, calendar entries, tasks, journals, etc in a .pst file format.PST (Personal Storage Table) is a file format for organizing andmanipulating emails, contacts, calendar entries, appointments, etc inseparate folders. PST file format is known as a secure medium forstoring all the details of MS Outlook 2010, but unfortunately, it isstill susceptible to data loss. The PST database might get damaged orcorrupted due to several reasons like exceeding the maximum size of thefile, improper terminating Outlook, harmful virus infecting the fileformat, abruptly shutting down the system, etc.

However, with the following tutorial, you have opportunity to recover lost emails files with ease.

uMacsoft data recovery

How to Get Back Email Files?

To get back deleted emails on computer, bothMacintosh or Windows machines, you need to take the 3rd partyprofessional email recovery software, such as uMacsoft data recoverytool is good choice for you. Below, I would like to cover the easiesttutorial to perform .PST email recovery on Mac.

Step one. Download uMacsoft Data Recovery software on Mac.

free download uMacsoft email recovery

Step two. When launching software on Mac computer,you need to click icon of hard drive on the interface of software, whichcould make uMacsoft tool scan your lost emails completely, this processwould take you several minutes. And this is robot task, so you don’thave to be baby-sitter in the front of your computer.

scan for lost emails on Mac

Step three. When finishing scanning hard drive,then you could see your email files are listed on the program, justcheck them to preview or recover on local Mac.

Recover email files on Mac

That’s it! Your PST emails are rescued perfectly.

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