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How to Recover Folders/Files on Mac Instantly
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Posted on April 24th, 2013
Mac OS X

How do I recover a deleted folder?

Last night I let my wife use my PC to transfer some photo's stored on an MMC card in her cell phone....

Anyway, I've just noticed (this morning) that a folder,called "New Folder" is missing from my desktop... and it's not in therecycle bin!

Does anybody have any idea how I can find this folder again? Many thanks!

When you are in this kind of situation, how can yourestore deleted folders with ease and efficiency? Is there any goodmethod to achieve this? Or you just take your computer to technicalcustomer service center to get help? If you still don’t have good ideaor method to fix this problem, then keep reading my following tutorial,and then you are able to recover deleted folder files perfectly.

However, one more point that you should keep in mind,that the folder you deleted by mistake or carelessly are still stored onyour computer, they are just “hidden” from you, if you choose oneprofessional data recovery software, then you can recover files back with ease and instantly!

Mac Folder/Files Recovery Software

Before we cover the method of how to recover lostfolder files on Mac, let us take a look at all the advantageous featuresyou should get:

• File recovery should be possible from hard drives, floppy drive and other fixed media

• You should have the facility to recover files andfolders that have been deleted for any reason - even those not to befound in the recycle bin

• You would be able to restore deleted files quickly and easily

• Scan for recoverable files should be a super fast process

• Disks with bad sectors, formatted with different systems and large sized drives should be supported

• Batch recovery of files would be possible

Simple steps to rescue your deleted folders on Mac.

uMacsoft data recovery

Step one. Go to download and launch uMacsoft datarecovery software on your Mac machine. You are able to get download linkfrom the following button.

Step two. When launching program on Mac, just hittingthe image of hard drive that displayed on this software. And your harddrive would be scanned for the deleted folders and any other files thatyou deleted on this same drive.

Step three. When finishing scanning files, you wouldsee your lost folders would have been listed on the software interface.Meanwhile, you are allowed to check them to preview in advance beforerecovering, choose which files you need to get back, just clicking"Recovery" button the complete task.

undeleted folder files

That’s the full progress and method for you to restore deleted folder files on Mac, easy enough, right? Just download the trial version and experience it by yourself.

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