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What are Hyper-Casual Games
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Posted on March 17th, 2021

Have you ever played a hyper-casual game? The term "Hyper-Casual Games" may sound strange to you. But that's far from the truth. The reality is that hyper-casual games have been here with Canadians for quite some time. You may have even played one unknowingly.

The gaming scene has gone through rigorous revolutions since game stores, and platforms for downloading various games were first introduced. One of those includes increased download of the hyper-casual games from the game stores.

Hyper casual games will be the new normal in the coming years in the gaming sector. But that's not all about the game genre. Our expert in gaming, Daniel Bennet (check his profile here), will enlighten us more about it in this post. Continue reading to find out more.

What are Hyper-Casual Games

What are the hyper-casual games?

What rings on your mind when you hear the word hyper-casual? Something less sophisticated, right? That's exactly what it is. Hyper casual games have simple mechanics, less sophisticated, and load instantly. Their simplicity makes other Canadians refer to them as Tap to Play games.

Their design is also easy to understand, making them some of the best that you can ever get. They are replayable and also addictive to Canadian players who easily lose control of gaming emotions. UI's application makes the game more accessible to most of the players, engaging and giving them an incredible user experience.

The genre is unique because it's for the masses. Anyone who spots an ad about hyper-casual games will immediately know what they are and their value. They are similar to what you find in a Jackpotcity as both genres share similar rules. For instance, both have rewards when one wins and proceeds to the next level.

The myth that hyper-casual games are new is invalid. The genre has been in existence for quite some time now. The current sensation only grew because many Canadians who love online gambling began to learn the awesome experience it gives the players alongside other better features it possesses.

According to past indicators, hyper-casual games occupy 10 of the 15 most successfully downloaded games. That's a surprise for many people who knew that the games only had three slots a few years ago. Without a doubt, there is something about casual mobile games that make them incomparable to other games.

How are hyper-casual games monetized?

Many Canadian gaming apps generate revenue from in-app purchases. A new revenue generation has come up and most apps include hyper-casual gaming apps that use ads to generate their revenue.

The model works well as the number of downloads is rising daily. Other factors that have led to the success of the revenue generation model hyper-casual games uses are the increased length of gaming sessions experienced in the recent past.

Types of hyper-casual game mechanics

Some people may ask what keeps people engaged in the game if they are easy to play as believed. But the truth is that the games are easy to play, but users must get used to the game mechanics first before any other thing. So, what are the common game mechanics of the games?

Timing Mechanics

Have you played games that give you little time to make your move? It's the timing mechanics that make them that way. The game component's speed determines the difficulty of the play. One aspect of timing mechanics is that when using it, the gameplay can be short, contributing to the hyper-casual narrative.

The game developers also understand the frustration players undergo to lose a game and start resetting from the beginning during hyper-casual gaming. That's why you will realize that many games give numerous chances for failing before restarting the entire level.

Agility Mechanics

Games that utilize agility mechanics make the players act fast, face any coming doom. They also allow you to catch the metaphorical carrot. A good example of agility mechanics in action is the game snake. The agility in the game becomes challenging as the player collects the apples.

Merge mechanics

When playing games using merge mechanics, you will combine or swap cells in a row or column. Without that, you won't achieve the game's goal. Merge mechanics in action is evident in games such as candy crush, which is famous among many players.

You can now comfortably tell what hyper-casual games and why people love them. Please let us know the game you love most.

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