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Important Things you Should Before you Sell your Apple Phone.
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Posted on May 7th, 2021

Important Things you Should Before you Sell your Apple Phone.

You probably have two or more Apple phones, and you are wondering what to do with the device you rarely use. You could give it to a family member or a friend, sell it, or recycle it with Apple. It is beyond doubt that selling your old iPhone can help you raise some money to pay for a new one (partially). If you plan to sell your iPhone, here is everything you need to know.

Transfer information from your old phone to the new one

If you acquired a new phone or iPad, it is easy to automatically transfer the important information from your old device to the new one. Keep in mind that mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, portable hard drives, laptops, USB keys, and other personal devices may contain a lot of sensitive personal data. It is important to take the right measures to protect your personal information from threats, loss, and theft before you can sell your old iPhone.

After transferring your information from your old phone, you may want to restore its software to factory settings. This will erase the data stored on the phone. But this will not delete everything. Be sure to erase internal storage because this will delete all movies, photos, music, and applications. You may also want to use software and hardware products that can overwrite different types of content on your old phones, such as photos and other saved files. The point is; wipe your old phone clean before you can sell it.

Important Things you should before you sell your Apple Phone.

Back up your Data Via iCloud

If you are an Apple user, then you will know that iCloud is of the best data backup application. It made the data’s backup regularly so that you won’t lose any of the data or application in case your phone is lost, damaged, or want to trade for a new one. You can recover data from iCloud at any time as if you bought a new apple phone, then you can log in to your iCloud ID and restore all the data, photos, and contacts stored in it.

To back up the data from iCloud, you need to follow these steps:

· Make sure that you are connected with stable and fast Wi-Fi.

· Select the settings and tap on your name

· Select the iCloud and then tap on the iCloud backup.

· The backup will start and takes up to few minutes.

Data Backup by iTunes

If you don’t want to backup your data through iCloud, then you can use iTunes. You can backup your data in iTunes with the help of a Mac or computer so that you can create a local backup for your iPhone. To create the local backup of your iPhone, please follow these steps:

· First, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer or Mac that your device gets sync easily.

· Then you need to open the iTunes software, then select the device which is connected to the computer. You will find the iPhone under the device section.

· You need to right-click on the device and select the backup option.

· You can also transfer the purchased application to your computer so that you can transfer it to another iPhone.

Make sure that, before you reset your phone, you log out from all the devices like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, iCloud, iTunes, and any other apps. To sign out from the devices, you need to tap on the Settings icon and enter your Apple ID and password.

Erase all the data from the phone

Before you give your phone to any other person or sell it online, then you should erase all the data from your phone so that, no data would be a leak or stolen from it. it is a very important step as if you forget to erase your data, then your contacts and messages can be copied and cloned and be used against you. so to erase all of your data from the iPhone, follow these steps:

Ø Open the general section in the setting option.

Ø There you will find the reset option at the bottom of the Settings.

Ø Tap on the erase all section and setting option.

Ø Then you need to enter the passcode to confirm.

Ø After that, the phone asks you again to confirm the process of reset.

Ø Tap on the Erase iPhone button to reset your phone.

Also if your iPhone is paired with an apple watch, then make sure that you disconnect before giving it to someone else, so that they cannot use the data in it.

Best ways to sell your Apple phone

Most people still wonder whether there is the best way to sell an old phone. No matter how you want to sell your phone, you may want to get the best price for iPhone X or any other Apple phone you want to sell. It is possible to sell your phone or trade whenever possible. Just research widely about the specific platforms that allow people with old phones to trade them.

If you are an experienced seller on craigslist or eBay, you may have the opportunity to get the highest value for your old phone on those e-commerce platforms. But they require more effort from a seller, often charge fees, and can come with the risk of fraud that most novice sellers may not understand or know how to protect themselves from. Generally, these instances of fraud are not widespread, and you have a chance of making a great sale on craigslist or eBay.

The best time to sell your Apple phone is usually when you no longer need it. Try as much as you can to get the best price for the device. Whether you choose to sell it on popular eCommerce platforms like Craigslist or eBay or trade it, try as much as you can to get the best price for your old phone. Remember, part of the sale proceeds can be used to partially finance the purchase of a new phone.

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