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What to do if you get rejected for Mobile Contract
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Posted on May 7th, 2021

What to do if you get rejected for Mobile Contract

When you’re about to take out a new phone handset contract, it may seem so obvious to get approved that you might not stop to think out the other possibilities. And one of those outcomes that might not be favorable to you is that the provider might end up rejecting your request especially if they look into your credit history and find a patchy past. If you’re wondering how I Compare my mobile contract options, let’s walk you through what you can do to remedy the situation.

But before that it is important to look for the reasons of rejecting mobile contract.

Why my contract application rejected?

One of the first questions ever pop in your mind is “why my application is rejected”. So, here we have mentioned some of the best reasons.

  • The provider may check your credit informationthat determines you are a high-risk customer. ( The credit report shows youhave paid your previous instalments or not)
  • The provider has checked your credit historyof managing money, so if you are rejected, that might be a big reason.
  • Your bank account is joint with someone whosecredit score is poor.
  • If the provider is unable to verify youridentity and permanent address.
  • If you have charged with CCJS or IVAS on yourcredit score.
  • No credit history

What to do if you get rejected for Mobile Contract


What to do if my file is rejected?

If you’re rejected, then follow some sensible steps that particularly relate to your credit score and paying off bills. One of the biggest thing you will need to avoid is to stop applying on various mobile contracts in the hope of being accepted. This will leave a bad impression on provider when they analyse your credit search. Find out the given tips to create hope of getting a new mortgage.

Review your credit history

Most often, this will constitute the biggest reason why many people’s requests for mobile contracts are rejected. In the event that you don’t have any clue why the provider turned you down, the best place to start your search for truth would be to review your credit record. The moment you’ve analyzed the report, you might start gaining some insights as to why things went wrong.

In case you don’t find anything fishy in your report, consider going the extra mile and checking with the other major providers like TransUnion and Experian to see if they’ve got anything against you on your credit history. If any of those providers have anything on you, maybe even wrong information; reach out to them to have that rectified.

Notably, if you got rejected due to a shady crest history, you might not be in a position to get into another deal soon after that. Your next concern should be how to improve your credit score so that you clean up your name.

However, there are a couple of things you could do to navigate this problem especially if you’ve got an old handset that’s still in good working condition. Let’s review some of the ways you could explore to get out of the hoods and start communicating.

Pay-As-You-Go - PAYG

Over time, PAYG has transformed and now has some interesting deals. Some of these options come with attractive packages and benefits that would have you live your communication life normally even after your mobile phone contract application is turned down. PAYG requires that you upload a certain amount of money every month to continue enjoying the services.

Also, PAYG deals don’t usually carry out credit checks so you can relax. The only downside is that the option won’t count in terms of helping you better your credit score. You might also end spending more than you would have wished.

That shouldn’t worry you though; let’s look at a more convenient option.

SIM-only deals

Here, the provider might still conduct a credit check but it won’t have a bigger impact since you aren’t being provided with a handset. The amount involved here is small and the contract length is short; lasts on a month-by-month basis. You stand the highest chance of being accepted here than the two other options we’ve talked about.

Another good piece of news here is that if you handle this contract well, it can help you improve your credit score thus making it possible for you to qualify for other offers and deals.

Improve credit score

If you want to improve your credit score, then it is necessary to work on your credit score to get a mobile contract or another loan. Here are some tips to increase your credit score.

· Get registered with electoral roll with the local board.

· Make sure you have paid all your instalments on time.

· Stick with your credit limit and clear it every month.

· Keep checking your credit report and if you find any issues, ask the team to correct them.

Ready your guarantor

Having guarantor in your support can help you get loan easily. The guarantor will co-sign the loan form. But make sure he is trustable and comfortable to sign it. After all, he/she will be responsible for missing payments or dues. The guarantor is providing guarantee to the loan provider for timely payments. With this option, your loan approval chances increases.

Bad credit contract

Several specialist companies are out there that offers phone contracts on bad credit. You can find the details online about bad credit including availability, speaking to an adviser, etc.

However, the credit amount will depend on the amount of handset and your credit score. Poor credit score is valid only if you’re buying a cheaper phone with small instalments. Otherwise, this has strict terms.

Last words

Once rejected, don’t waste your time trying to reapply time and again as the outcome will be the same; especially if you’re applying in quick succession. Follow these tips and pursue the alternatives herein so get an immediate working solution as you brush up on your credit history.

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