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Learn to create pixel dust lines
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Posted on March 9th, 2007
Adobe Photoshop
In this tutorial we are going to create this simple yet effect effect using brushes
and layer styles.

For this tutorial you will need the brushes tab, I'm not familiar with all the versions of photoshop so i don't know if everyone will be able to do this. The brushes tab is at the top of your screen underneath photoshop's, the brush panel looks like this:

1) Start off by creating a new image with the following settings
then select the paint bucket tool() and make the background layer black.

2) Next select the pen tool by pressing P or selecting it in the tool box

you then need to set the pen tool to the correct settings:

Make sure the pen tool is set to "paths" and "pen tool" before continuing. We then need to draw the path that the lines will follow, start by placing one point on the image in the top left hand corner about 2 cm's away from each edge and place an anchor point then place one in the center of the image but don't let go of the left mouse button drag your mouse in a direction to create a nice curve and then do the same for the last anchor point. You should get something like:

3) Select the brush tool by pressing B or selecting brush tool from the tool box. At this point you need to find a brush that looks like

and has the settings off

Then switch back to the pen tool (P, ) and create a new layer called "path 1". Right click using the pen tool

on the path you will get a menu like this come up:

From here you must select "Stroke Path" which is highlighted in the picture, another menu like this will appear:

Select "Simulate Pressure" if it isn't already selected and press ok. The simulated pressure is what makes it trail off at each end. You will have an image looking something like:

Not really very impressive at the moment but don't worry the best bit is yet to come. Select the Brush tool again and open up the brush panel and set it to:

We are using the scattering panel, set it to these setting to get the effects,
then create a new layer call it path 2 and select the pen tool, right click and
stroke the path agian.

*note* you can play around with the count to get different effects like:

They may not look very different but there are changes like in the top one where
it fades in and out from top to bottom, and in the lower one where the dust is
in the middle and not really at the end.

4) The last step is to give them layer styles path one gets the following layer

Both layers get this effect:

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