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Programless Icon Dock For Windows XP
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Posted on May 3rd, 2007
Windows XP
....First off, this tutorial will show you how to add a dock to Windows XP without any special programs or such. 


....Goto My Documents and create a new folder and name it Icon Dock.

(And yes, I changed the icon.)


....Next, find any program icons on your desktop or in any folders on your computer and right click then select Copy Shortcut or just Copy.  Place all the copied Icons into the new folder you created earlier.


....Now, right click on the Taskbar.  If you don't already have Lock the Taskbar unchecked then do it now.  Next, hover over Toolbars in the menu and click New Toolbar.  Navigate to My DocumentsIcon Dock and click OK

..........::STEPfour::enhancing and positioning

....Now, right click the "Icon Dock" text and hover over the option View and select Large Icons.  Also uncheck both Show Text and Show Title.  After that you need to grab the Gripper beside the Window Tabs and drag it down; this will position all the icons above the tabs.  After that, rearrange the icons as you wish by clicking and holding them and then dragging them back and forth and then you have the option to lock the taskbar up again.

..........::FINALnotes::greater organization

....To acheive greater organization you always have the option of splitting the icons up into groups and adding them to different folders then making multiple toolbars on the taskbar.

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