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Very simple tutorial on how to add borders to an image.
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Posted on October 21st, 2007
Adobe Photoshop
Here's a very simple, and short tutorial on adding borders to your images.

1. First off, open the image you want to add a border to, in Photoshop. For this tutorial, I'm going to use the sig I made in my sig tutorial.

2. Now, create a new layer and use the Paint Bucket tool to fill it with white (#FFFFFF). Set this layer to "Color Burn". After you've done that, the white layer should appear blank. Right click the layer, and click "Blending Options...", then click Stroke at the bottom of this window.
Once you are at the "Stroke" options, set them to look like this.

3. You can adjust the size to whatever looks best to you, and you can change the color to whatever you want, but I like to leave it as black. It should look like this.

4. That's it, you're done! But if you want to have a border, that looks like this one on my sig, then keep reading.


5. To get the border effect in the above image, all you have to do is change the settings for "Stroke". Change it to match these settings.

6. The only thing you really need to change, is setting the stroke to "Overlay", but you might need to make the border 1-2px larger, since it's less noticeable on overlay. Also, if the image is dark, try setting the stroke to white. If you want to make the effect stronger, just duplicate the border layer. If that makes it too strong, then lower the opacity on the duplicated layer. I used 2 layers, with the second layer at 100% opacity.

Final Result:

If you want to make a more complex border with the overlays, set the first border layer to 3px, and the second border layer to 5px. Basically, just set the 2 layers to different sizes.
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