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Television Noise: Create very realistic broken television noise
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Posted on July 22nd, 2005
Adobe After Effects
Have you ever wondered how you create television noise with after effects?
It can be used for a lot of stuff.. Let your mind flow and you will find a good place to use it. Be creative

I presume you are already confident with after effects 6.x and upwards

Let's go to work:
- Open a new composition named "Fractal Noise" the size you want (I've used 320x240), 4sec should be enough for now, you can always extend the effect.

- Create a new solid in the composition and give it any color, doesn't matter which.

- Select the Solid if deselected and go to Effect -> Render -> Fractal Noise.
Here you can have a look at the settings that I've used for it. But play a bit around with the settings, maybe you can even get a more realistic look.
Step 1

Note that I'm animating the Evolution (00:00:00: 0x +0.0 --- 00:04:00: 45x +0.0)
Step 1.1

Let's move to the next Step "ScanLines"
- Place the Composition that you've just created in a new composition (Just drag the composition you've just created to the "new comp" button. For better organization just rename the newly created composition "ScanLines"
Step 2

- Now apply Effect -> Transition -> Venetian Blinds
There is for sure another way to create scanlines, but personally I like this method.
Step 2.1

Here you see what you should get after this 2 easy steps.
Step 2.2

Let's move forward to the next step "Gradient"
- Create a new composition and a new solid in it, again color doesn't matter.

- Apply Effect -> Render -> Ramp
We will try to simulate a kind of reflection on the top-left of the "TV" ;)

- Here the Settings that I've used.
Step 3

As you see I've created a Radial Gradient where the center is the top-left corner,
adjust it with your own colors and settings. Just use my settings as reference (I know they are not perfect) ;)

We're almost finished, last step
Create again a new composition and insert both compositions we created into it.
on the top layer put the scanline composition and underneath it the gradient composition.

Change the mode of the gradientlayer to softlight, so it will shine a little bit through our noise.
Step 4

YAY!! THAT'S IT, we're done.

Here you can download my AVI: DOWNLOAD

Sure there are a lot more of possibilities to enhance this effect. Be creative and improove this effect. I would love to see your work :)

Have fun creating some noisy tv's
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