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A Cool Morning Scene in Photoshop
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Posted on March 5th, 2009
Adobe Photoshop
Hi guys here I will show you how to make a cool Morning Scene using Photoshop.

So here we start with a 600x400 px document, name it Morning or whatever you like.
see the image below for reference.

press Ok after filling it.

Now go to your layer>New>Layer from Background....
this will change your background into layer.
Rename the Layer to Blue Sky.

Now Apply Gradient Overlay With Following Settings:-

use the color codes for blue sky in the above picture and press Ok.

Now create a New Layer
and Name it Clouds, Now you have 2 layers Named Blue Sky & Clouds

Now Selecting the Cloud Layer Click on lasso tool and draw something similar to this:-

Now click on Filter<blur<Guassian blur and enter the following:-

you will have a cloud similar to this:

now make more clouds like this using the same technique. take a look down

[next page]

now make the bottom base using many clouds . I mean duplicating and merging them like this.

Now you will have something similar to mine

Now you have to add a rendered image of girl(download the render here File Download: Rendered Girl ) looking upward, however you can take your own pick.

remember to put that rendered image behind the lower clouds

Press Ctrl+J to duplicate that rendered image layer. Now select Duplicate layer and click on filters>blur>guassian blur = 5 px

Now select the duplicate image layer and set the layer mode to Linear dodge/screen whatever you think is perfect. I put it to Linear dodge.

your image will look similar to this

Now you can add a sun using lens flare and birds and any creature that represent a good natural look

this is my final outcome

download the full psd here File Download: Morning
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