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Sep 4th, 2007
Why database driven? Don't see why it should be. File based is lots and lots easier and maybe even quicker!

Database driven would be needed if you needed to several page on a certain condition, for example if they shared a keyword which is looked up.

Things to consider:
- Using an integer as primary key (faster).
- Unlimited page text (TEXT instead of VARCHAR) (Doubt if varchar(1000) works however, might be automagicly convert to TEXT anyway)
- mysql_real_escape_string()

I tried to be constructive in my comment.

Other than my comment, good tutorial!
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Sep 6th, 2007
I know that multi page websites are quicker but just as i explained i think using one page saves change all seperate pages to change design or what ever as i have encountered this problem before. thanks for your comment
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Nov 23rd, 2007
In reply to your reply... you're referring to making separate pages for each one, instead of doing that you could just use the php include navigation, which then if you change the design, then just change the index. It's a good tutorial but missing security and you should have done more such as an area in order to write/edit/delete pages.
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Jan 9th, 2008
but if you use includes you can access those files seperatly so you'll have files which contain part of a file
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Oct 7th, 2011
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