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Submitted by Guest on Jul 13th, 2004
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Mar 14th, 2010
to general in my opinion it's like here is how i did this and boom finised in like few images but relly it took hours to do
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Dec 21st, 2010
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Mar 25th, 2011
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Oct 10th, 2011
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Oct 22nd, 2011
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May 18th, 2012
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Sep 11th, 2013
Kate Russell's weekly review of the best apps and websites.
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is a side-scrolling run, jump and roll adventure for PC or Mac made in the style of Rio de Janeiro in the 1960s.
Thanks to a new iPhone app, Disney Action, you can star in your own animated clip alongside Mr Incredible, Sully from Monster Inc, or Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Google paid almost bn for in June. We are now beginning to see some results with key features being shared this week.
Redesigned and re-launched this week, that helps UK citizens find and join their local Neighbourhood Watch group.The rubbery strap in a choice of fruity colours that meshes seamlessly into a screen owes a big debt to the kind of thing that Philippe Starck was doing in the 1990s, and murmurs "lifestyle".
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That could prove tempting enough for legions of early-adopting fitness junkies.
Dr Ulf Blanke, ETH Zurich universityLooking back, it was hard to believe that a smartphone requiring daily battery charging would ever be successful.
Yet Apple has verified that we, as users, trade this effort with a device that connects us continuously to the web, navigates us through the city, and offers us a multitude of apps to work or to play with.
But using it all the time, when can we actually charge it? The simple answer: at night, when we sleep.
What makes this answer ingenious is that we do this almost automatically. In fact, connecting the smartphone to the docking station became as natural as brushing teeth before going to sleep.
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