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Nov 21st, 2011
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Nov 26th, 2011
by ton
jingruitwcIn report occupied new network on November 8 report of daily of Hong Kong economy, malic product is heated up greatly, the brand decides to continue to attack harbor to lease a shop. The message says, the apple will open the 4th branch in harbor, louis vuitton outlets optional location 9 dragon pond another city market, lunar lease 3.75 million yuan, average lease 250 yuan, at the appointed time the apple is confused but again pilgrim. IPhone heat is had no drop, your brand continues to value Hong Kong market, add fortified point again. Disclose according to message personage, apple already make choice of 9 dragon pond another city louis vuitton factory outlets market, as Hong Kong the 4th branch spreads location, floor amounts to of 15 thousand square, estimation involves every months of hire to make an appointment with 3.75 million yuan. The apple is early at the beginning of the current year fulfil attack harbor, and store of flagship of Ifc of the annulus in September opens, hope in gong bay again ever since careful square, and settle of edifice of group of star of colour of pointed sanded chew, former because louis vuitton outlet online of property next year ability completion, latter still has lease because of berth, perhaps another city branch can come on stage first, be in into this brand harbor the 2nd branch. Last week, malic confusing brings a neck to go with the IPhone 4S that wait for goods, in net of government of Hong Kong apple first degrees are accepted book, price reachs 6688 yuan by 5088 yuan. As we have learned, because outback demand is ardent, fry an old hand to sweep money in great quantities, not disappear is grabbed 50 minutes louis vuitton factory online to order one sky. This product will reach retail sales of other engage by special arrangement to sell merchandise on hand at Ifc Apple Store of this Zhou Wu Yu Zhonghuan. In fact, IPhone and relevant product are in harbor ovation, and since Ifc after first flagship store opens business, daily all large quantities of apples are confused visit, attract a brand to increase fortified point, louis vuitton bags outlet the hire that do not have dread is tall still continue to grab berth. Crude guess, 4 shop of Hong Kong of brand place hire, because all fronts is in core area, expenditure of every months of hire closes to amount to 20 million yuan in all, cost is absolutely not light. Another city owner is abundant of Singapore dominion fund to cultivate an industry now, this fund at the current year in July, denounce endowment 18.8 billion yuan, purchase 9 dragon pool to remote antiquity another city project 100% rights louis vuitton sale and interests, involve total floor area to make an appointment with of 1.2 million square. After property easy hand, after Apple Store will be taken over into fund the first hires Wu greatly. Core area shop carries on force still strong, register office data to show according to land, stage of person Buddha of Nuo of pointed sanded chew 9 berth, with about 8, 0 yuan of easy hands, you Yijia invests limited company to purchase, company director is piece of Yan Xu, expect for louis vuitton outlets investor " Taiwan piece " or concerned personage. As we have learned, this shop front accumulates of about 2700 square, average price makes an appointment with twenty-nine thousand six hundred yuan. Former owner at 5 years, purchase berth with 41 million yuan, offer public house, answer with be being hired after 250 thousand yuan of carry out nowadays, buy the home newly to be able louis vuitton outlet store to enjoy 3.75 li get one's own back.

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