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omg this forums are shit

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#1 _*SERB-4-LIFE_*

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Posted 15 September 2004 - 07:15 AM

ok now i am pissed off really pissed of i just wrote something and the forum deleted it ;) :huh: :D :D :D :angry: :ph34r:

ok i have the php navigation system, the links are in the navigation box and the links are main.php?id=blablabla
then i got the php code in the content box now when i click on the link the page opens in a content box

and i need to know what do i have to do to put the link in the content box and the page to open in the same box here is the code that i used

this is the main code this goes in the content box
switch($id) { default: include('welcome.php');
break; case "portfolio": include('portfolio.php');
break; case "tutorials": include('tutorials.php');
break; case "downloads": include('downloads.php');
break; case "aff": include('aff.php');
break; case "games": include('games.php');
break; case "contact": include('contact.php');
break; case "linkus": include('linkus.php');
break; case "linkus": include('linkus.php');
break; case "tutorials?section=php": include('pstuts.php');
break; case "tutorials?section=ps": include('phptuts.php');

and this is the code for one of the links

<a href="main.php?id=tutorials?section=ps">Photo Shop Tutorials</a>
yeh now this link is in the content box and i want the page that the link is linked to to open in the same page as well

#2 _*rc69_*

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Posted 18 September 2004 - 09:06 PM

i dont know how you have your function set up, but the link should be
<a href=\"main.php?id=tutorials&section=ps\">

using an & symbol, not another ?
try that

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