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VB6 - Help needed for Game Programming

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#1 Gonz


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Posted 16 April 2007 - 07:18 AM

Dear all,

As the name of the topic suggests, I need help with programming an interactive game with the use of visual basic 6.0

Being a novice in programming with little experience in networking, I foresee numerous problems along the way. Thus, I would like to seek assistance from any programmers here who are kind enough to show me the ropes at times when I am in need.

As the program I have in mind is not meant to be marketed, I have no budget to engage a professional to assist me with writing the necessary program. Thus, the only option for me is to seek professional advice here.

Basically, the game that I wish to write takes the concept of role-playing gamebook. In other words, the game-master will come out with different missions and challenges for the players to accomplish. This to a certain extent is similar to a multi-user chat program, except that it incorporates additional features.

(1) The program must be able to determine a host (game-master) and the various clients (players)

(2) Although the program looks alike (something like msn), it provides for different functions.

For example:

(a) the host program has the ability to unlock certain commands on the clients program, so that the clients can click on the command to go into the respective sub-program.

(:) the host also has the ability to add in new “monsters data” into the database.

© the client program has a character profile that will extract the user data and present it on the program.

(d) whenever the client logout, the current data of the character profile will be saved into the database.

(e) both the host and client program provides a random dice rolling program which has the ability to show the result to all.

Optional: the program also enables the user to send files to the designated party.

(3) When a client first registers himself as a user, it will launch into a “character generation program”, after which, all the data will be stored in a database. This will be extract as the character profile, when the program is launched.

Having described what I am trying to achieved, please advises if the above can be done through visual basic.

Do I need to have a web server for it to work, or

Can I use the host computer as a server, while individual’s character data stored in the client’s computer?

Please advise.

#2 evertonian7uk


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Posted 17 April 2007 - 06:46 AM

wow that sounds like a task and a half!

did you consider trying to start small and build something small and jsut progress, thats how i started, and by far am i an expert lol,

I suppose it depends on the graphical interface aswell, ive seen many a good RPG game written in PHP, text based or 2d graphics.

this is a mighty challenge you have set out, the very best of luck.

#3 Gonz


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Posted 18 April 2007 - 08:48 AM

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, I believe what I am planning to accomplish is no easy task, especially since I am a novice in programming and networking.

Nevertheless, as what you have proposed, I will like to start with something small, and to make progress on it gradually. In fact, I have just completed stage 2 of my character generation program. Thus, I would like to seek professional advices on the doubts I have regarding networking, before starting with the user login page, then so on and so forth.

What I have in mind is not graphic intensive, and most of it can be programmed with the uses of mathematical equations or logical statements. I believe that any of you who have played any rpg gamebooks before would have understand the concept in which I am trying to achieve. As the gaming concept is based solely on stories-telling and dice-rolling, in many senses it is not as complicated as what it seems.

Having seen the tutorial presented in this forum regarding multi-users chat, it came to me that my dream is not actually unfeasible. If it is possible to use visual basic to come out with a program where friends can chat together through network, with a random number generation program add on to it will probably solve the problem. To make it more interesting, a database to record the players' characters statistics will be nice.

Although I amy sound like I know how I am going to achieve what I am planning to do, but actually I am not.

Having no experience with networking, I do not even know what are the necessary items I need to have for the programs to be workable. Thus, I write in this forum, hoping any experts could show me the ropes in times when I am in need.

First of all, I wish to clarify the following doubts:-
For such a project, do I need a web server?
Can my computer be set up as a host server, while my friends can link up to my computer via IP address?

Would sincerely appreciate if someone can enlighten me on this.

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