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activating a movie clip by mouseover button, anybo

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Posted 09 March 2005 - 05:34 PM

can anyone help me with this one?
I have a movie with a preloader, then 12 buttons are loaded on the screen and an area reserved to display
12 movies.
buttons are animated on mouse over, by placing animation on over keyframe of button.
I would like for buttons to do 2 things more:
by mouse over each button would start 1 of 12 movies (short animations that display a preview of my garphic desig

n work), each button starts 1 movie all displayed in the same space, all starting with alpha values a 0% so they

are transparent and when mouse over activates the movie the short animation fades in, if mouse moves to anothr

button the movie simply stops (I am not even dreaming at this point of anything more complicated) and the next

mvie starts playing.
Also on click the buttons would open a nw browser window displaying the graphic design in larger size and more

I cannot manage to get the actonscript down, have tried several tutorials but cant seem to get them to

work,alltough the tutorials seemed pretty good.
The tutorials were using telltarget command but I kept getting error messages with ";" signs aparently missing

somewhere all the time, actually I am sure I was just doiung something wrong and it would have made absolutely no

diffeence even if I had semicolons planted everywhere, as I just dont know actionscript.
The pop up/new browser window sems to be ok alltough have not as of yet tested it fully, logic is that the mouse

over would call a java function that lies on the html page that holds the flash.
If anyone could help me find a way to start a movie that is located on another layer, in 1 frame in the same scene
, well I would be very happy, as then I might have a chance to actally pull my site together sometime.

Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read this, I would appreciate a small tutorial/simple instructions on how

to start a movie on mouse over.


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Posted 11 March 2005 - 10:51 AM

Seems like your problem may lie with naming your movie clips... each movie clip has to have an instance name in order to be called correctly by buttons or other movie clips.

What you would do is give each of your 12 movie clips instance names and then in the mouse over script of the button reference them to play... For example,

on(over) {

This would tell the "myMC1" movie clip to go to frame 2 and play. Of course starting on frame 2 the movie clip would start fading in and once it gets to the end it would stop.

For the mouse out you would use the same as above but you would put ...gotoAndStop(1); That would make the movie clip go back to frame one where it is invisible.

Hope it helps... if you have more questions, let me know!

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