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Posted 17 February 2016 - 10:17 AM

I am a college student trying to get a job as a developer, but due to the lack of a CS degree I feel it all comes down to my actually experience and skill. The only way I can think of to display said skill is with a portfilio, but I don't know what to create to put in it. The languages I know well enough to used professionally are C/C++ (obviously), Java, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic and C#.
The platforms I have worked on are Windows(Although it almost always using C# and Visual Studios) and Android.
I've also picked up the LibGDX and Bootstrap (but my skill with JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX is shoddy at best) frameworks.
I've started and know the basic of SQL but my I still have trouble with integrating it with another language and truly have no idea how go any further with it without a server to practice on.
Anyway, I was looking for ideas to improve repertoire or portfilio.


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