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How do i install adobe flash player on a PC without internet connection?

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Posted 23 October 2010 - 04:18 AM

I have two PC of which one has no internet connection. How do I install adobe flash player on the PC without internet connection?

The adobe site requires the player to be installed online only unlike other programs which can be downloaded first and then one could transfer these through CD rom or pendrive to another PC.Ultra Growth

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Posted 25 October 2010 - 05:30 AM

Try this http://www.adobe.com...tribution1.html

You apply to distribute the flash player and it gives you a link by email to the file.

#3 itch


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Posted 21 June 2011 - 02:01 AM

Ok, the form you fill out is a pain, then when you have filled it out they say it takes 3 - 4 working days to process and if you dont provide a "company" email address then yu are rejected.

I do not understand why they make this so difficult? I am not pirating the program i mearly want to install it on a computer that does not have an internet conection. its not worht my time trying so I am not going to bother anymore.

My time is worth however registering on this forum just so i can warn other people who come accross this page.

And while i am set to rant. Why do i get spammed with emails from Adobe when i have specifically requested not to? Do i really care what they want to send me?

And why do they come out with a secuity ptches so often? either flash or acrobat or what ever wants me to install everytime i boot. are there patches for the patches? cant they cordinat the flash patch to install with the acropbat patch? install adobe patch.. system requires reboot oh ok, flash update avalible, sytem requires reboot WTF?

And dont get me started on flash and acrobat on a Terminal Server. OK too late. ADOBE. Seriously guys get it together. UPDATES require Administrator Access. So tell someoen with an Administrator login, I am sick of 25 the non administrator users on the computer telling me... "adobe is telling to to this Adobe is telling me to do that" OH OK.. i will just run the program, click on check for update then Boom! "update already in f-ing progress" NO IT ISNT! I am trying to do it here.

Ok i am inteligent enough to work out howe to do it, but it should not be such a chore. If Adobe onply provided "update links" that i can "run as administyrator" or EVEN in Application install mode" that would be nice.. OR.. how about you just provide the full install that i can download and script to install overnigth when no one is on the system. HEY i will even let you reboot! WOW!

rant off: not careing about grammer, spelling errors and mistypes mostly for your amusement but partly because i dont care!


An annoyed system administator

Try this http://www.adobe.com...tribution1.html

You apply to distribute the flash player and it gives you a link by email to the file.

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