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CSS Wordpress Footer Setting

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Posted 18 August 2011 - 03:21 AM


I needed some help with some code. I can't seem to be able to align the Footer items properly.

This is image one displaying the problem:

Posted Image

This is what it should look like:

Posted Image

Here is the Footer.php XHTML/PHP Part of it:

<div id="copyright"> 
		<div id="copyrightInner">
			<?php if (get_option('theme_copyright') <> ""){
			echo stripslashes(stripslashes(get_option('theme_copyright')));
				echo 'Just go to Theme Options Page and edit copyright text';
			}?>		<div class="copyrightInner2">
	<a href="http://twitter.com" target="_blank" id="tw">&nbsp;</a><a href="http://facebook.com" target="_blank" id="fb">&nbsp;</a><a href="http://www.wordpress.org" target="_blank" id="wp">&nbsp;</a><a href="www.site.com/" id="s5" target="_blank">&nbsp;</a> 		

CSS Code:

#copyright {
	border-top:1px solid #1E1E1E;

#copyrightInner {
	padding:20px 0;


#copyrightInner2 { width:500px; margin-right:300px;}  /* I know this is incorrect */

I'd appreciate any help i can get on where Im going wrong with it .


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Posted 18 August 2011 - 10:41 PM

Without actually seeing it in a browser, it's hard to guess. However, i'm going to make some assumptions and see my suggestions help you at all. One assumption i'm giong to make involves the lack of 2 closing <div>'s in your html. So i'm assuming that each of those 3 copyright divs are nested inside of each other, no two are siblings.

If that's the case, then the first obvious problem is that #copyrightInner is not as wide as #copyrightInner2. Normally this wouldn't matter, as #copyrightInner2 would just over-step it's bounds and take the width you told it to. That doesn't however, appear to be the case right now.

My next suggestion, after fixing the widths, would be to add white-space:nowrap; to #copyrightInner2 and see what happens.

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