A personal view of 3D text tutorial by D.F.Longsbi, © 2008

This is my new C4d tutorial about how to create a two words circled text using Illustrator CS..

1. First make a new Illus doc/default. Create a path, holding the Shift key.
2. Select the TypeOnPath tool and create your text (I used 36 pix font).
3. Each word is a layer so for each you must go Type/Create Outlines. Save the file as Illus v8 (!).
4. Open C4d/front view and bring the Illus file. You get this:
5. Now activate the Extrude Nurbs modifire:
6. This the Object tab, in which you click the Hierarchy, and the rightmost movement you change from 20 to 12. result in the Perspective view:
7. Next you'll make the material for the text: Go to the Material sec and click file/New Material:
8. Double click the sphere and play with the color first;
9. manage the other parameters to your liking, add lights,etc.